United Defense and Cooperation Treaty Community

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United Defense and Cooperation Treaty Community
Intermicronational organisation
Logo of UDCTC.svg

Headquarters Arastraville[1]

Official language English


Chairman Leon Montan
Supreme Commander Cole Baird

– Planning started 11 February 2021
– Charter ratified 10 March 2021

The United Defense and Cooperation Treaty Community or the UDCTC is a micronational organisation, military alliance, and the de facto political and military wing of TOES. Formed on 10 March 2021, it consists of 8 members associated with the Tough Organisation for Elite Stuff.[2]



When TOES was founded as an organization it strengthened diplomatic ties between nations in the TOES Sector, however de jure TOES was only a social club. A few times a TOES Nation was proposed, none of these propositions ever came through to a higher extent.

In February 2021 Leon Montan proposed a pact for the members of TOES similar to CONPACT.


7 TOES members signed the Treaty of Arastraville which founded the pact and granted their nations membership. By this time the Weg-Rodentian War began and the pacts involvement was limited until the Battle for the Rainbowlands where 2 other pact members declared war on the Empire of Rodentia


As of 18 June 2021, the United Defence and Cooperation Treaty Community has 8 full members.

Bold indicates chair.

Country Date Admitted Representative(s)
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills 10 March 2021 Leon Montan
Johann Kümmel
Aenopia flag.svg Empire of Aenopia Logan Ross
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Federal Union of Wegmat Cole Baird
Tesforia Flag.png People's Republic of Tesforia Brennan Sullivan
Flag of Desert District .png Desert District Jamez
Flag of Wendatia.png Co-operative Republic of Wendatia Jonas Rhymer
PlushuniaFlag2.png Republic of Plushunia Cristian Dobrev
Flag of North Dirigo.svg North Dirigo 18 June 2021 Logan Medlin

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