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Province of Irving
Flag of Irving
Coat of arms of Irving
   Irving in    Wegmat
Country Wegmat
Established15 December 2020
CapitalIrving City
 • TypeFederated republic
 • GovernorCarolyn Garo (CPW)
 • Total26 population as of 2,022
 • Rank1st
Postal Abbreviation
Official language(s)English
Area206 Acres
LegislatureIrving Senate
WebsiteProvince Page

Irving is the third largest and second most populated province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Irving is an in-Province meaning it is in the general area of Two Pine. Irving became a province as a protest to an expanded road, removing several trees. Irving is a very active province bolstering a large economy and de jure population. Irving was the first province established north of Hydrove after splitting the Belmont and Schiller territories.


The province is named after Washington Irving who is the namesake of the Chicago neighborhood Irving Park and thus Irving Park Road. Irving Park Road is a major thoroughfare in Northern Wegmat being designated as Wegmat Route 7 and is one out of two Automobile Wegmat Routes.


Irving was established and admitted as a province of the Federal Union on 15 December 2020 by the splitting of the Belmont Territory and Schiller Territory. Other subdivisions were established but were named territories due to being under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Government. Irving would grow during the Great Des Plaines Valley War as a base of operations of Wegmat in the north. Supplies and people would commonly be moved on Wegmat Route 10 through the province. Upon the discovery of Geodes in the province, the city of Crystal Springs exploded in popularity. Bodwatmi would grow as a hub for local agriculture and eventually northern Wegmat agriculture as a whole. Due to Bodwatmi's connection to power, the city would also become an industrial center for local resource management. Some products are directly produced in the province while others process wood before being sent to the southern industrial centers. Bodwatmi would grow to surpass Two Pine in registered population in 2022 becoming the 3rd most populous city in Wegmat behind Paradise City and Bushwood. Irving would become regarded as a very socialist province passing laws in its provincial congress prohibiting corporate and investor ownership and requiring all industries to be union or employee-owned.


Peninsula Bridge crosses the Spring Outlet onto the peninsula which Crystal Springs is located on.

Irving has three distinct regions. Forestia makes up much of the southern province beyond the Irving Park Line and is incredibly rural in contrast to the area surrounding Bodwatmi and Irving City. Irving City sits on a grassy wetland. Floods are common and keep the flora hydrated. Northern Irving sits on the Cumberland Ridge and has similar flora to that of southern Irving in Forestia. Irivng has six counties


Towns and Villages

  • Westfield
  • Chad
  • Valeton
  • Ravenna
  • Fox Crossing
  • Skagit


The economy is very agricultural similar to the rest of the economy of Wegmat. Local producers, New Leaf Agriculture, United Flora Producers of Irving, and National Grain all play major roles in the agriculture sector of Irving. Irving is also one of the few places where manufacturing is a common industry. Bodwatmi Works is the largest manufacturer in the province having a facility in central Bodwatmi. Bodwatmi is connected to the Irving Power Grid, a power connection de jure managed by the Wegmat Ministry of Utility but operated by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. Another major industry is mineral extraction. The center of this industry is Crystal Springs which is located near granite and geode deposits. Extraction companies sell minerals at the Crystal Springs Geode and Stone Exchange. These minerals are usually sent south to Bushwood, Paradise City, Gliffork and Weimar. Some geodes are directly processed in Crystal Springs or Robinson.


The culture of Irving is identical to most majority deer provinces in the north. However, Irving has the second most registered human citizens in the northern in-provinces which brings a culture similar to South Potawatomi. The human culture matches the Polish and Hispanic majority neighborhood of Belmont-Cragin in Chicago.

Law and politics

Irving leans heavily to the left with the Founders Party and Coummunist Party De Wegmat dominating the provincial congress. Irving has historically voted for the Founders Party candidate in presidential elections and voted for Founders, Communist, or Democratic Socialist candidates for the Wegmat Parliament. Irving is the only province in the Federal Union that has outright banned limited and investful ownership of companies. All companies in the province are owned by a union or employees.

Provincial government

The Province of Irving is considered to be the most active provincial government only behind the Associated Province of Cenwister. The government offers many programs dealing with education, agriculture, natural resources, and infrastructure. Irving holds more provincial land than its neighboring provinces. The legislative branch is elected through eleven districts making up a 11-seat senate. The executive branch consists of the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Secretary of Health, President of the Irving Provincial University, and Chief Engineer managing several bureaucratic departments. The Court of the Province of Irving deals with all complaints and constitutional law in the province.


Irving Provincial University is one of the largest in the country with 2 campuses and an agricultural research outpost near Irving City. The university offers courses related to agriculture, infrastructure management, technology, and manufacturing. The University was the first to be established in northern Wegmat named Crystal College located in Crystal Springs. Once the province of Irving was established the College became under the direction of the provincial Board of Public Instruction and moved its main campus to Irving City.


Irving has robust infrastructure due to its heavy maintenance by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. The Irving Power Grid is considered the most important to the province's economy. Irving has the most pavillions constructed and maintained by the FPDCC.


Irving has a robust road network of both automobile routes and bike/pedestrian routes. Wegmat Route 7 and Wegmat Route 8 both run through parts of the provinces being some of the few asphalt roads in Wegmat. Irving runs a high-speed cart system. Similar to Weg Ways the province operated the Irving Rapid Transit (IRT) system. IRT runs one high-speed cart line from Irving City to Bodwatmi to Crystal Springs. All three of those cities have their own metro system operated by IRT.