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Irving Flag.jpegSeal of Irving.jpeg

Province in the Federal Union of Wegmat
CapitalIrving City
Founded15 December 2020
Area70 Acres
GovernmentLocal Government of the Three Colors
GovernorCarolyn Garo

Irving is a province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Irving is a In-Province meaning it is in the general area of Two Pine. Irving became a Province as protest to a road being expanded, removing several trees.


Irving is located along the Des Plaines River. To the south it is at the edge of the Golfia Gap, the Green Ridge begins at Green Lodge and continues to the West south of . To the Centre-West is a part of the Great Plaines of Schiller where Bodwatmi is located at the edge of the plaines. At the northern part of the province is the Cumberland Ridge begins and to the north-west is the Inland Valley.

Irving borders 4 territories. To the North is North Potawatomi, to the Northwest is South Potawatomi, to the West is Abierta and to the south is Whynofly.

Bodwatmi is the largest city in Northern Wegmat



All of Irving’s population is deer, foxes and beavers. Much of the culture if hunter-gatherer like. Tourists have created a BBQ like culture as many tourists there have American style barbecues with friends and family.


Irving is the largest exporter of geodes. Geode hunting and mining is the largest industry next to agriculture.