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Province in the Federal Union of Wegmat
Thatcher Woodland
CapitalParadise City
Founded4 April 2019
Area183.2 Acres
GovernmentLocal Government of Thatcher
GovernorVincent C.
Parliament Seat 1

Essef is the 2nd most populous province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Located in the Thatcher Woodland, Essef is a in-province, meaning it is within the general area of Two Pine. Essef became a province with Markonton and former city of Monroeville. Later parts of the Thatcher floodplain were annexed into Essef.


Essef is made up of mostly woods along the Des Plaines River. The Des Plaines Upper Thatcher is very unpopulated and is mostly made up of brush and woods. The Central Prairie is a large expansive grass field where the city Prarik Lies. Most of Essef is made up of floodplain in the south. Southern Essef is located in a valley with a ridge blocking flood waters from entering Urban Wegmat.

Lake Essef as seen from Muse



Essef’s economy is based off of 2 big industries construction and agriculture. It used run off of natural resources but most natural resources were used to build cities like Thatcher City and Prarik or are located in Des Plaines National Park. Thatcher City has 3 of the main Big 7 companies in Wegmat.


Major Highways

Weg Ways

Weg Ways has 9 stations throughout the province. It has 5 lines, the Inland Empire, Des Plaines Express, Des Plaines and the Thatcher City Inway.