Weg-New German Reunification

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The Weg-New German Reunification was an event where the Empire of New Germany voted to sign a treaty that established New Germany into a Weg Autonomous Province.

In October Leon Montan asked Vladimir Baruh on a Microwiki talk page to propose a motion to New German parliament that would make New Germany an autonomous province. Vladimir Baruh responded that the motion had begun. The parliament of New Germany voted for the motion and a treaty was written by Cole Baird.

The treaty was planned to be signed in Bobbygrad however because of the ongoing pandemic the treaty was signed electronically.

The treaty turned Die Heimat became the NGAP and the former province of New Prussia became the province of Levare. All other New German territories were declared fully independent as the Federation of Nestoria. 600 Acres of a family member of Cole Baird were given to Nestoria.