Paradise City

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Free City of Paradise
City-state/ Autonomous city
The trailside museum across Lake Essef from downtown.
The trailside museum across Lake Essef from downtown.
Established4 April 2019
 • Total0.00434 km2 (0.00168 sq mi)
 • Water0.00000 km2 (0.00000 sq mi)
194 m (637 ft)
 • Total14
 • Rank1st in Wegmat
Time zoneUTC-6 (GWT)

Paradise City formerly Thatcher City is the largest city in the Federal Union of Wegmat. It is iconic for Lake Essef and it’s museums. This is the most touristy city in Wegmat. The City hosts the Headquarters of both Larry Berry, Lerkshire and Union Des Plaines 3 of the Big 7 companies in Wegmat

Larry, a deer, also lives in Paradise City the CEO of Berry Larry, Wegmat’s third largest company and second largest in its industry. Many tourists from the United States pass or stay in the city. A major tourist destination is the Trail Museum a museum about Essef and Hilda and the former province Levare many tourist stop at the resorts along the Des Plaines River overlooking Karel Island or along Lake Essef.

Due to the week-long Occupation of Essef, Paradise City declared itself an autonomous city from the Kapresh occupation and from Wegmat for a short period of time.


Paradise City was originally a small outpost named Thatcher City when western Essef was considered a colony. The settlement was placed on a peninsula on Lake Essef. Kiser was larger at the time as it hosted the colonies capital. When Essef became a province Kiser was still considered the larger city. The Deer and Other Species Citizenship Status Act let deer as citizens. The population of Thatcher City grew with the influx. The city of Salk was also incorporated with 4 Human citizens. Downtown Thatcher City was still located upfront on the Lake. More suburbs were put back from the Lake. On 17 April Thatcher City renamed itself to Paradise City to name many things music references. The name is based on the song Paradise City by Guns ‘n’ Roses

Neighborhoods and Metropolitan Area

The metropolitan area spans 5 Acreds around the city. It is called the Paradise City-Kiser Metropolitan Area as both cities are close.


Sunset Coast

The Sunset coast is the main district along the Des Plaines. It has no citizens living in it but has 2 Resorts.

Danger Zone

The Danger Zone was part of the original city and was left abandoned after logs were used to build structures.

Lighting Strike District

The lighting strike district is the main inland district of the city.

Near Downtown

Near Downtown sometimes referred to as Mini Downtown is where Union Des Plaines is headquartered.

Financial District

The financial district or just Downtown is the urban core of Paradise City with Lerkhire’s and Berry Larry’s Headquarters are located]]

Front Beach

Front beach is the touristy area of Paradise City along

Upper Ridge

The upper ridge is the top of the ridge on the east side of the city.

Solsbury Hill

Solsbury Hill is an upper class neighborhood in the eastern ridge.

Metropolitan Cities


Kiser is a separate city from Paradise City but is still considered part of the metro. Karel Island is considered both of Kiser’s and Paradises City’s metropolitan.


Salk is a village of 4. It hosts the video game museum and citizens sometimes commute into the city.


Muse is a village on the opposite side of Lake Essef from the city. It has the Trailside Museum and Thatcher Glen Airport.

Karel Island

Karel Island the city is a small village along the southern coast of the Karel Strait.


Most of Paradise City is Located in a wooded floodplain. Lake Essef to the North. Lolly Ridge to the East. The Des Plaines River to the West and the metropolitan ends at Provincial Road 2. The Woods cover most of the city with shade. Ground not used for roads is made up of either mud or dead grass. Out of the valley is native plants. Karel Island is the largest island in the river. 2 smaller islands that only one person can fit on are off the coast.


Most of the cities economy is made up of tourism and the 3 largest businesses. Berry Larry most citizens work for. Most Tourism goes either through the city or stops by the resorts. The Trailside Museum is also a popular destination.


Major Roads

Other Transportation

Weg Ways has a major Transportation center. commuter transport goes to the Suberbs of Salk, Karel Island, Muse and Stonik. It also goes to Kiser.