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Downtown Bushwood as seen from Madison Street.
Downtown Bushwood as seen from Madison Street.
Flag of Bushwood
Official seal of Bushwood
Settled by micronationalists10 April 2021
Established2 July 2021
 • Total0.00500 km2 (0.00193 sq mi)
 • Water0.00005 km2 (0 sq mi)
197 m (664 ft)
 • Total18
 • Rank1st in Wegmat
Time zoneUTC-6 (GWT)
Postal Code

Bushwood is the largest city in the Federal Union of Wegmat. It is iconic for Wegmat Intermicronational Stadium, performances and art. Bushwood is the most quickly growing city in Wegmat. The City hosts the Headquarters of multiple companies along with production plants, Bushwood Trade Market and the Wilcox Store.

Bushwood was the first City in Wegmat to allow people who do not live in the city a certificate of residency. This made Bushwood an important Weg city for humans. Bushwood is named after the now abandoned Bushwood Golf Practice center which makes up the majority of the city. The Province of Madison was dissolved after the Battle of the Highlands, however, Bushwood and its suburbs remain in Wegmat becoming a single entity made up of boroughs and neighborhoods. The city shares the same status as Two Pine as a federal district.


On the Altenheim Expedition, before the Altenheimer Incident, Downtown Bushwood was explored. From April to June Wegs traveled to the area for recreational activities. The grater building that makes up the majority of Downtown was opened in May 2021. The building was in pristine condition until the first introduction of vandalism soon later. All windows were smashed however the rest of the structure of in okay condition. The building would later be cleaned up in September 2021.

In peace efforts during the Great Des Plaines Valley War, Weg officials gave the land to the Sakaki clan. The now-defunct United Labour Front traveled from their headquarters in southern Levare to the building of Bushwood where they took defense. The Sakaki Clan could not control the building. The rest of the Bushwood was not developed and was easy to claim. On 2 July 2021 legislation was proposed to Wegmat Parliament to annex the area as the Bushwood Territory. On 5 July 2021, an annexation squad of Wegmat Marines was sent into Bushwood to claim it. The Ministry of Agriculture formed Wegmat Intermicronational Stadium. The first event to be held there was the Bushwood Open however it was infamously postponed until the idea was no longer brought up. The day after the Great Des Plaines Valley War ended the Province of Madison was established. The Bushwood territory was dissolved and the City of Bushwood became the entity that was the Bushwood Territory.

Bushwood experienced the normal amount of growth of a Weg city. On 26 September 2021, the first event was held in the stadium was the IFHL Cup where Bobbygrad won against Isadora. The same day the jungle of Madison was explored. Bushwoods Borough system was established on 15 October along with the BCAMPT system was established. The population of Bushwood was 8. On 23 October, Bushwood overtook Paradise City as the most populous city in Wegmat. This happened after an influx of humans claimed a certificate of residency in the city. The population reached 16 on 12 November 2021. On 22 November, pro-Kapresh terrorists set off firecrackers in the Madison Capitol Building. This caused a response for the Wegmat Authority which arrived with a BB gun and fire extinguisher. This was the first event of the Weg Nationwide Attacks. The terrorist was later apprehended in Lost Lake City by the Wegmat Special Police and Investigation.

Wegmat would declare war on Kareburg on 30 November 2021. This action was seen as a bluff until the opening invasion of the Midlothian War on 2 January 2022. Kapreburg and Weimar would respond in an invasion of Madison. Bushwood was evacuated mere minutes before a battle occurred in the Downtown borough of Bushwood. The Battle of Bushwood resulted in a Weg loss of Essef and the rest of Madison excluding Bushwood.

The Province of Madison would be dissolved and the land handed over to Weimar. Wegmat would keep Bushwood in the deal. The Federal District of Bushwood was established as the governing body of Bushwood and its suburbs. Bushwood will hold the first annual Sled-fest to relax Weg citizens from the war. on January 29, 2022 citizens across the country can sled from the top of Bushwood Peak, through the stadium, and into the Bushwood Trade Market.

In March of 2024, the complicated Federal Jurisdiction of the city was dissolved and the Federal District was admitted into the province of Gliffork as "Phair County".

Administrative divisions

Bushwood is made up of 4 separate boroughs, the Federal Districts itself also has 3 Metropolitain Villages. The Metropolitan Villages were formally separate cities but now have the same status as the 4 boroughs.



Downtown is made up of the Wegmat Intermicronational Stadium, Putting Park, Bushwood Intermicronational Airport and the Bushwood Trade Market are all located outside the greater building. In the greater building the Bushwood Kitchen District, Wilcox Store, the Government & Office Center, the Bushwood National Hotel, and the Broad Theatre are all located on the upper floor. On the lower level are the Downtown Lower Residential, Studio District, Bushwod Grand Station, and the Bushwood Music Hall.


Uptown Bushwood is much less dense being made up of Residential and Small businesses. In the north lies the campus Bushwood National University, the largest university in Wegmat.

River District

The river district consists of 3 independent fisheries and a Southern Wegmat Fish Co-op. the Bushwood Seaport also is located in the River District, it is an important waterway terminal in the Federal Union.


Melrose is the smallest borough in Bushwood. It mostly consists of some residential and 5 independent woodshops. Melrose at heart is an industrial district.

Metropolitan Villages

South South

South South is the most southern community in the Federal Union. It includes the National Park Agency's, Wegmat's Most Southern Point.


Glenwood is a suburban community that shares part of the Bushwood National University campus.


Forwood is another northern suburb quite similar to Glenwood.


Southern Bushwood lies on Bushood Peak a long slope that extends south and drops off at the Weg-United States border. It also drops off up to heights of 40 feet on the east end of the slope along the Des Plaines River. Northern Bushwood is located in the northern end of the Washingtonia Jungle. Bushwood has the northern terminus of the Washingtonia trail that now crosses the border into Weimar.


Bushwood is a highly economically active area of Wegmat. Bushwood has two major markets, the Bushwood Trade Market and the Wilcox Store. Merchants across the Des Plaines Valley Sector gather at these markets to sell goods. Wegmat Intermicronational Stadium brings people across the Des Plaines Valley sector to listen to musical acts and spectate sports. Fish from the fisheries and wood projects in the woodshops are the main export from Bushwood. Projects can be ordered or sold at the two markets.


Map of the BCAMPT system.

Bushwood has a variety of transportation options into the city. The most popular being the Paradise City-Sycamore-Bushwood International Expressway, which is an international road that goes from Southern Essef through Weimar then back into Wegmat in Bushwood.

Bushwood Intermicronational Airport is an airport located in Downtown Bushwood on a parking lot. Bushwood is a hub for Weg Air, which is the flagship airline of Wegmat.

Wagon service of Weg Ways leaves from Bushwood Central Station to travel much of Wegmat and into Weimar. Bushwood is close to the future terminus of the Weg Ways rail service. Union Des Plaines transports cargo on land using wagons from its terminal in Melrose.

Union Des Plaines also transports cargo and passengers from Bushwood Intermicronational Seaport. The UDP Whole River Line is the only service of the UDP River Boat. River Boat Wegmat offers services of the Essef & Bay of Trees, Bushwood South International, Bushwood & Weimar, Bushwood & Chevalier and the Bushwood & Crystal Springs services all depart from Bushwood Seaport.