National Geode Hunt Co-op

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National Geode Hunt Co-op
Union owned company.
IndustryPrecious rocks.
Founded21 November 2020
Headquarters Crystal Springs, Irving,
Area served
56,000 GØ
Total assets49,000 GØ

National Geode Hunt Co-op is a union-owned company headquartered in Crystal Springs, Irving in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Geodes were first discovered in northern Wegmat which started the Drystone Geode Rush. The Co-op is the result of a merger of two former companies after the Interior Shootout. It was the last major company to be privatized in Wegmat. The company has 5 mines: Bailey's Mine in Hilda, Kaplon Mine in Drystone, Whynofly Mine, Midway Mineral Deposit in North Potawatomi and the Valley Mine in Irving.