April 4 Acts

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April 4 Acts
Reestablishments of Wegmat at Roosevelt Convention
Considered byWegmat Grand Parliament
Legislative history
Introduced byCole Baird
First reading2 April, 2019
Third reading4 April, 2019
Status: Unknown

The April 4 Acts, also known by its official name Reestablishment of Wegmat at Roosevelt Convention or the Roosevelt Convention, was an act renaming Ridab to the Kingdom of Wegmat and reestablishing the government to be more democratic.

First Convention

Cole Baird came to several friends and discussed plans to create a new country called Wegmat. The plan was to create the Wegmat Grand Parliament. Later in the day they gathered more citizens to join the new Kingdom. It was determined to create 2 provinces. The North Province would include modern day Markonton, Two Pine and Bobbygrad known as Northern Frontier at the time. The Sputh Province only contained two unnamed houses.

Founders convention

The next convention were preparations of sovereignty at 4:00 PM that day it was determined that Wegmat would gain the New Territories.

Other establishments

Wegmat Routes were established along with some ministries mainly the Wegmat Ministry of Justice at the time known as the Ministry of Public Safety. It was also determined that April 4 was to become a new holiday known as constitution day.