Cicero Spenninger

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Cicero Spenninger
10 May 2022 – Present
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  New German and Kapresh alligned states and   Weg alligned states states
Levare Soldier.jpg
A Levare soilder standing guard at Rainbow Bridge.

The Cicero Spenninger is an ongoing period of geopolitical tension between nations aligned with New German and Kapresh interests and nations aligned with Weg interests. New German claims the tensions can be traced back to the Weg-New German War and also coined the phrase New German-Weg Cold War. Wegmat and New Germany have been rivals on the Chicago land stage since New Germany's creation in 2020 with several boiling points such as the Great Des Plaines Valley War and the Midlothian War along with smaller scale conflicts and ego boosting operations. Kapreburg would not be considered a part of this Tension until the New German and Kapresh alliance that led to the Midlothian War.


New German was crated on January 13, 2020, the same day it declared War on Wegmat this began the Weg-New German War which lasted 4 months and resulted in a New German Victory, New Germany stopped occupation of Priory and the Priory Grasslands, gave aid to newly claimed Weg territory and let Wegmat manege New German Transportation systems with New Germany gaining Bobbygrad Airport and Levare. though a victory New Germany felt defeated and humiliated and went into the COVID-19 pandemic planning to take what they said was rightfully theirs. New Germany went into an isolationist period as they planned to invade Priory and even a full-scale invasion of Wegmat. Wegmat did not feel the same malus the New Germans did and in fact started expanding north which started the first post war instance of Weg/New German competition where New Germany claimed the territory that would one day become People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists, though never publicly stated it was leaked that New Germany never was going to do anything with the territory due to distance concerns and only wanted to claim the territory to stop Weg expansion. New Germany was also offered a chance to join Wegmat as an Autonomous region of Wegmat. it is generally pointed at this time that New German and Weg relations would never be the same.

Weg-New German Reunification

In October Leon Montan asked Vladimir Baruh on a Microwiki talk page to propose a motion to New German parliament that would make New Germany an autonomous province. Vladimir Baruh responded that the motion had begun. The parliament of New Germany voted for the motion and a treaty was written by Cole Baird. The treaty was planned to be signed in Bobbygrad however because of the COVID-19 pandemic the treaty was signed electronically.The treaty turned Die Heimat became the NGAP and the former province of New Prussia became the province of Levare. All other New German territories were declared fully independent as the Federation of Nestoria. 600 Acres of a family member of Cole Baird were given to Nestoria. the New German public was highly disliked as it felt to them as though they came limping back with their tails between their legs. during this time nothing happened but hatred boiled in New Germany towards Wegmat that partly was a factor in the Great Des Plaines Valley War.

Great Des Plaines Valley War

As the political instability finally broke in the Des Plaines Valley Sector, the nation of Rodentia was involved in a coup, which turned it into an empire. Bobbygrad was attacked by a joint force of Rodentia and the Sakaki Clan. just prior to this Westerwald seceded from the autonomous region which Vladimir Baruh used to claim all former New German territory excluding Bobbygrad which formed the pro-Weg Free Syndical Republic of the Alley. at this point New Germany jumped on the chance to go toe to toe with Wegmat and New Germany excelled on the Hilda and Essef Front, High North Front, and the Gilfork Front and turned the tide of the Battle of Whynofly. During the Battle of Whynofly Kapreburg wanted to ally with New Germany as it was clear that the war would be over soon. New Germany switched sides as Vladimir Baruh was using the Urraca Pact to fight Wegmat and achieved this goal and just wanted the war done. after the War the Kapresh were egar to invade Wegmat bu Vladimir cautioned that if it was too early and to wait until winter as to bog the Weg War effort down.

Midlothian War

the Midlothian war was a conflict that started because of the Weg Nationwide Attacks that happened on November 22, 2021. these terrorist attack was perpetrated by a pro Kapresh nationalist. this plan was not run through the Kapresh Government however after the attack Kapreburg and Weimar used this as leverage to begin their campaign. the war was another boiling point however the war saw only a few major battles and for the most part both sides are inactive. the war started in Kapreburg in New Kariba with a decisive victory for Wegmat at the Battle of Astrud Lake that resulted in the occupation of northern New Kariba and the eventual creation of the Republic of Kariba. after this the war was brought to Wegmat where they had a devastating defeat at the Battle of Jefferson Lake and Battle of Bushwood whhich resulted in the occupation of the former province of Madison and southern Essef which was later dubbed the Occupation of Essef. the last major battle of the Midlothian war was the Battle of the Highlands where a major blow was struck against the Kapresh/New German forces, though not conformed some think that New Germany purposely failed as to get more land without all of Wegmat being destroyed. the result of the battle was a Weg/New German victory where New Germany exited the war and got the occupied are as a reward. this created the expantion of Levare and the creation of the Kingdom of Ephraim. the war is currently at a stand still with negotiations set for some time in early June.

LCS Crisis

this conflict is an ongoing fight between the Lupis Contracting Services and Weimar. the conflict began with the April 16th Incident where LCS and Tamew forces camped in Hilda and shot into the Kingdom of Ephraim which provoked the Ephraim security force and the Levare Army Corp. Wegmat deported the encampment to Ephraim and subsequently closed their border. this caused a small clash between the joint Weimar forces and the LCS who fired rockets at the Former.

Kariba Bush War

the Kariba Bush War also known as the Kariba Revolution is a conflict that started on April 24, 2022, between Kapreburg and the Weg backed Republic of Kariba in a war for decolonization of New Kariba. not much has happened in the conflict as Kapreburg is currently at war with Wegmat in the Midlothian War

creation of the Chaveleir Republic

the Federal Chaveleir Republic is also know as the Chaveleir Republic declared independence on May 24, 2022. it declared independence because of New German nationalists who lived in the Chaveleir Union when it gained independence in 2020 who were displeased with New Germany's and the Chaveleir Union's communist take overs. even though New Germany is no longer communist the nationalists wanted to start a new. the Republic claims all of the former territory however only controls a small sliver on the other side of the river. this caused tensions between the two countries who are backed by New Germany and Wegmat respectively.