Cicero Spenninger

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Cicero Spenninger
10 May 202228 April 2023
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  New German and Kapresh alligned states and   Weg alligned states states during 2022.
A Levare soilder standing guard at Rainbow Bridge.

The Cicero Spenninger was a long period of geopolitical tension between nations aligned with New German and Kapresh interests and nations aligned with Weg interests. New Germany claims the tensions can be traced back to the Weg-New German War and also coined the phrase New German-Weg Cold War. Wegmat and New Germany have been rivals on the Chicagoland stage since New Germany's creation in 2020 with several boiling points such as the Great Des Plaines Valley War and the Midlothian War, along with smaller scale conflicts and ego boosting operations. Kapreburg would not be considered a part of this tension until the New German and Kapresh alliance that led to the Midlothian War.


New Germany was created on January 13, 2020, the same day it declared War on Wegmat this began the Weg-New German War which lasted 4 months and resulted in a New German Victory, New Germany stopped occupation of Priory and the Priory Grasslands, gave aid to newly claimed Weg territory and let Wegmat manege New German Transportation systems with New Germany gaining Bobbygrad Airport and Levare. though a victory New Germany felt defeated and humiliated and went into the COVID-19 pandemic planning to take what they said was rightfully theirs. New Germany went into an isolationist period as they planned to invade Priory and even a full-scale invasion of Wegmat. Wegmat did not feel the same malus the New Germans did and in fact started expanding north which started the first post war instance of Weg/New German competition where New Germany claimed the territory that would one day become People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists, though never publicly stated it was leaked that New Germany never was going to do anything with the territory due to distance concerns and only wanted to claim the territory to stop Weg expansion. New Germany was also offered a chance to join Wegmat as an Autonomous region of Wegmat. it is generally pointed at this time that New German and Weg relations would never be the same.

Weg-New German Reunification

In October, Leon Montan asked Vladimir Baruh on a Microwiki talk page to propose a motion to New German parliament that would make New Germany an autonomous province. Vladimir Baruh responded that the motion had begun. The parliament of New Germany voted for the motion and a treaty was written by Cole Baird. The treaty was planned to be signed in Bobbygrad however because of the COVID-19 pandemic the treaty was signed electronically. The treaty turned Die Heimat became the NGAP and the former province of New Prussia became the province of Levare. All other New German territories were declared fully independent as the Federation of Nestoria. 600 Acres of a family member of Cole Baird were given to Nestoria. the New German public was highly disliked as it felt to them as though they came limping back with their tails between their legs. during this time nothing happened but hatred boiled in New Germany towards Wegmat that partly was a factor in the Great Des Plaines Valley War.

Great Des Plaines Valley War

As the political instability finally broke in the Des Plaines Valley Sector, the nation of Rodentia was involved in a coup, which turned it into an empire. Bobbygrad was attacked by a joint force of Rodentia and the Sakaki Clan. just prior to this Westerwald seceded from the autonomous region which Vladimir Baruh used to claim all former New German territory excluding Bobbygrad which formed the pro-Weg Free Syndical Republic of the Alley. at this point New Germany jumped on the chance to go toe to toe with Wegmat and New Germany excelled on the Hilda and Essef Front, High North Front, and the Gilfork Front and turned the tide of the Battle of Whynofly. During the Battle of Whynofly Kapreburg wanted to ally with New Germany as it was clear that the war would be over soon. New Germany switched sides as Vladimir Baruh was using the Urraca Pact to fight Wegmat and achieved this goal and just wanted the war done. after the War the Kapresh were egar to invade Wegmat bu Vladimir cautioned that if it was too early and to wait until winter as to bog the Weg War effort down.

Midlothian War

The Midlothian war was a conflict that started because of the Weg Nationwide Attacks that happened on November 22, 2021. The attack was perpetrated by a pro Kapresh nationalist. This plan was not executed by the Kapresh Government, however, after the attack, Kapreburg and Weimar used this as leverage to begin their campaign. The war was another boiling point however the war saw only a few major battles and for the most part both sides are inactive. the war started in Kapreburg in New Kariba with a decisive victory for Wegmat at the Battle of Astrud Lake that resulted in the occupation of northern New Kariba and the eventual creation of the Republic of Kariba. After this the war was brought to Wegmat where they had a devastating defeat at the Battle of Jefferson Lake and Battle of Bushwood whhich resulted in the occupation of the former province of Madison and southern Essef which was later dubbed the Occupation of Essef. the last major battle of the Midlothian war was the Battle of the Highlands where a major blow was struck against the Kapresh/New German forces. Though not confirmed, some think that New Germany purposely failed as to get more land without all of Wegmat being destroyed. the result of the battle was a Weg/New German victory where New Germany exited the war and got the occupied area as a reward. This created the expansion of Levare and the creation of the Kingdom of Ephraim. Fighting ceased after this, and Wegmat dropped its state of war on 10 May 2022.

New German imperialism

New German fallschirmjäger in a defensive position during the invasion of the Rainbowlands

The Confederation of Weimar and its commonwealth’s have been running an aggressive land grab campaign since the end of the Great Des Plaines Valley War. The campaign began after the fall of the Empire of Rodentia, when New Germany pulled out of the war after being given Levare it was offered a gentleman’s agreement that if it invaded the territories of its former allies that it would gain control of those regions. After the war the Kingdom of Ephraim, the Kingdom of Levare, and the Free Philmont Republic were created. They function as their own state but are still under the umbrella of control from New Germany. In the post war era, a weg backed nation called the United Salado was formed and was, for a time, allowed to prosper uninfringed by New German rule. Also at this time the Chaveleir Republic a pro-New German state broke free from the original Communist rule. Originally a New German colony, it broke was de facto independent until it declared independence from New Germany in October of 2020. After the Midlothian War New Germany marched troops into the Rainbowlands covertly and have been the de facto rulers of it until the Robison border dispute when it was officially given to the OGF until its disbandment at which point it was annexed by the Chaviler Republic. In February New German troops have also deployed an occupation force into the United Salado with plans to annex it, citing that it was rightfully a New German commonwealth territory. A gentleman’s agreement to allow the Chaviler Republic become a commonwealth has also been made.

Executive order 294

on march 23rd 2023 Vladimir Baruh drafted Executive order 294 that stated that all lands with New German feet on it's soil is New German. the order also stated that the United Salado and the Rainbowlands were New German. however a stall in the New German high commands plan came when the New German-Salado War took longer than expected. the current commander of the 2nd Observation Regiment stated that the invasion of Aenopian Potawatomi had already begun with scouting missions and raids. It has also been predicted that unless Wegmat intervenes, Salado will fall by April 2nd and Aenopian Potawatomi will fall by the end of April if not sooner.

Salado Invasion

on March 20th Army Group Hessnia started an invasion into the United Salado at dusk. though most of the New German Sturm-Grenztruppe dug in the Rail corp saw action as 3 Salado militia members attacked a sentry who began an artillery strike. the lone sentry armed with a bolt action rifle and a bayonet he attacked the unprepared Salado militia and drove them deeper into the wood. in the north a wave of New German Marines from the 1st Guards Marine Division a small fortification was built and no ground has been gained in the north.

LCS Crisis

this conflict is an ongoing fight between the Lupis Contracting Services and Weimar. the conflict began with the April 16th Incident where LCS and Tamew forces camped in Hilda and shot into the Kingdom of Ephraim which provoked the Ephraim security force and the Levare Army Corp. Wegmat deported the encampment to Ephraim and subsequently closed their border. this caused a small clash between the joint Weimar forces and the LCS who fired rockets at the Former. after a small battle the LCS surrendered unconditionally to the German coalition forces.

Kariba Bush War

the Kariba Bush War also known as the Kariba Revolution is a conflict that started on April 24, 2022, between Kapreburg and the Weg backed Republic of Kariba in a war for decolonization of New Kariba. not much has happened in the conflict as Kapreburg is currently at war with Wegmat in the Midlothian War. in September of 2022 Kabrian Bush Fighters have set up a small base on Astrud lake, the same place that Wegmat defeated Kapreburg in the Midlothian War. this sparked controversy in Weimar as an open Rebellion has opened in their allies nation but most in New Germany wish to stay out of this particular conflict.

creation of the Chaveleir Republic

the Federal Chaveleir Republic is also know as the Chaveleir Republic declared independence on May 24, 2022. it declared independence because of New German nationalists who lived in the Chaveleir Union when it gained independence in 2020 who were displeased with New Germany's and the Chaveleir Union's communist take overs. even though New Germany is no longer communist the nationalists wanted to start a new. the Republic claims all of the former territory however only controls a small sliver on the other side of the river. this caused tensions between the two countries who are backed by New Germany and Wegmat respectively.

ASU-New German War

though War was declared by the Anglo-Suomi Union in May of 2022, Weimar had not recognized the declaration of War, either because they didn't know or they didn't care. However as of September 24th the New German Army high command deemed it necessary to take the threat seriously as reports stated their forces numbered at around 40 strong. no mobilization has taken place but New Germany is still attempting to sue for peace

Robinson Conflict

The Robinson Conflict also known as the OGF - Weg War was a Civil conflict between Des Plaines Chapter of the Organization for a Greater Fatherland and the Federal Union of Wegmat. Colonel Ivan von Burghoff, a former New German Officer and veteran of the Great Des Plaines Valley War, mobilized a small group of Ausverian Nationalists assisted by a larger group of New German-Chavaleirs living in Wegmat. The Conflict has heightened tensions between the relatively newer government of the Chaveleir Republic and Federal Union of Wegmat. Mobilizations have begun at the Weg-Chavaleir Border which is under dispute because of the Potawatomi Line, a line where all places north have a high population of New German-Chavaleir of Human Wegs, despite the population of Weg citizens being split between Rainbowlanders and Wegs in the area. it ended in the occupied Rainbowlands being annexed by the Chaveleir Republic due to the OGF de facto dissolution. also the invasion of Wegmat was called off after a cease fire agrement on christmas day.

Weg Election Rigging

on the 10th of March 2023 the Free Philmont Republic would hold an election for the next Senior Chairman. during the election the New German backed Sakaive was accused of rigging the election when in fact he had never actually voted for a legitimate candidate. he lost the election over a deeply controversial single vote, also of 5 counters, 1 was voted of the council for apparent "conduct unbecoming" . during the election of the Vice Chairman again Sakaive ran and again only voted for an illegitimate candidate, the only tampering with the election it seems was for this illegitimate candidate. and when all the votes were accounted for it was found that Sakaive would have won the position of Vice Chairman. after the election it was found that a 3 of the original 5 counters were paid off by Cole Baird to rig the election. this also proves that the apparent "conduct unbecoming" was false and the council wanted to make sure that Weg backed candidates.

New German-Weg tensions rise

though in a relative state of stagnation the New German Kreigsmarine started a navel blockade into New German controlled water. sevral weg vessels have already been turned away from delivering much needed supplies to the Weg city of Bushwood. The New German Defense Agency had deemed the danger of pirates on private property and a new class of Weg battle ship. New German navel infantry have been aiming navel guns at Bushwood, as well as an increase in border guard troops at rainbow bridge and the Weg/New German border at Bushwood. Weg officials fear civil unrest to come with the shortage of supplies. The Senior admiral of the Kreigsmarine has stated that he will hold firm in his decision to block weg ships from entering Weg water at Bushwood.

corporal Hafft after being captured by the White Skull

Hafft incident

on March 13th a Levare border guard agent was captured by the nationalist group known as the White Skull. the White Skull members took him while he was alone and took him. soon after a build up of troops on Weg borders began at Rainbow bridge and near Bushwood. Wegmat Border police apprehended the White skull members and are waiting to return hafft to New Germany. This led to a pro New German group known as the Free Legion demanded he be released immediately and a protest has been planned to be held on march 15th.

Hafft Riots

in Bushwood on March 16th 2023, 4 members of the Free Legion marched around the Bushwood downtown area for the freeing of corporal Hafft from Wegmat. the peaceful demonstration lasted until 7:30 when 4-5 armed White Skull members attacked the Free Legion at which point they drew pistols and one grabbed a bolt action rifle. a gun battle ensued, one White skull member fled deeper downtown and 3-4 esscaped to South South. the Free Legion has now stationed themselves downtown however have also neglected to inform the Bushwood police and in fact not allowed any police into the down town area.

Bobbygrad Riots

New German guard harrased by potester

while the Hafft Riots were going on in Bobbygrad the White Skull chapter in the city for ethnic Wegs was advocating for New Germany to reunify with Wegmat or to have the Weg population given a a free part of the city. the protest started on the steps of the Reichstag of New Germany. New German police and soldiers who were deployed on the street were called to disperse the gathering but they refused. the soldiers were attack by the protesters and in reaction a soldier opened fire. he protesters ran to the industrial district and one was arrested.

internment of Weg citizens in New Germany

after the Bobbygrad Riots, the large population of Wegs were ordered to wear an identification card when in public. there was out cry from the moderates in the New German however the act known as the Safety and Security Act was passed with the Kaiser's approval. a small demonstration was planned but the Imperial Police arrested the would be protesters and sentence them to hard labor at the Happy Time Re-education Camp. the camp is located on Karel Island that was reopened in light of the recent unrest. Levare also passed the SSA however all Weg citizens (predominantly non-human citizens) in Levare are to do hard labor.

Bushwood Uprising

On March 16th the Board of Attorneys of Wegmat and the Municipal Justice Administrator stated that they would have the Free Legion and White Skull disbanded. in reaction to this Jason L. convinced the Bobby Inc. workers from South Desplainesland to join them in overthrowing the Bushwood government and formed the Bushwood Autonomous Zone (BAZ) in Glenwood Park, a park located near the northern Levare-Weg border. the occupied zone also controls a part of South South with the new influx of Free Legion members from South Desplainesland. though citizens from Weimar, due to the border closed and the Bushwood Blockade no New German Police can respond to the incident.

2023 Ephraim Invasion of Wegmat

Two Week War

The Two Week War was the boiling point in the Cicer Spenninger where Levare and Ephraim both invaded souther Hilda during the Bushwood Blockade. The war only had one major battle at Fort Bailey, a large military base in Wegmat. Wegmat lost the base and destroyed by their own artillery on Ephraim's positions. The War was primarily a stalemate in rural Hilda until poor weather conditions caused the joint force to lose ground resulting in the mistreatment of POWs by Wegmat. The war ended with the Treaty of Westerwald which also resolved many other tensions ultimately anding the Cicero Spenninger.


Prime Minister Cole Baird and Kaiser Vladimir Baruh sign the treaty of Westerwald at the New German Reichstag.

As Kaiser Vladimir Baruh was already infuriated by the unauthorized invasion, the Federal Union of Wegmat was able to negotiate easily with the Grand Duchy of New Germany. The Friekorp is largely a paramilitary force in the commonwealths, making them independent from the rest of the New German Heer. Following the signing of the treaty, the Kaiser ordered all forces in Fort Bailey to leave the fort with their hands up. The troops were escorted out of Wegmat by the Wegmat Marines and all land was officially retaken. The prisoners of war at Fort Huppert were escorted by the regiment that had taken them to Fort Huppert. The troops were severely harassed and showed signs of inhumane treatment by the 21st Reserve Regiment - Hilda. The 21st Reserve Regiment is primarily made up of civilian volunteers who are trained when they first enlist but carry on their civilian duties until they are called up for duty in the case of an invasion. Due to the inhumane treatment by the regiment all troops in the regiment have received notices to remain in the Federal Union for an ongoing investigation by the Ministry of Defense.

The Treaty of Westerwald ended the large build-up of tensions and ended the Bushwood Blockade. All troops on either side were ordered to return to their normal garrisons instead of the border. The military presence in Bushwood left, although there was a little celebration as the people were exhausted by the Blockade. Free cheesecake from Shipstar's many kitchens was gifted to all Bushwood citizens by the Wegmat Government. The treaty also ended the interment of Weg Deer and allowed some New German police to have the ability to extradite individuals. Embassies and Consulates were founded for the first time since before Weg-New German Reunification. New German citizens were also given the choice to move back to New Germany at the Weg government's expense.

The Fawcett Agreement was the second treaty signed between Wegmat and New Germany. The Fawcett Agreement allowed districts in multiple cities to be tax shelters for New German-operated businesses. Overall these two treaties ended the Cicero Spenninger as the two nations had to be more careful with each other to save their economies.