Lupis Contracting Services

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Lupis Contracting Services
LCS Flag
AllegianceLuke Dwyer
Part ofStandard LCS command structure
Mascot(s)Tony Tony Chopper
EngagementsMidlothian War
 • Battle of Astrud Lake
 • Battle of the Highlands
LeaderLuke Dwyer

Lupis Contracting Services (LCS) is a PMC based in Oak Park. They are unofficial in the sense that they are more similar to bandits than a real military. They will simply fight for whoever offers the most money or benefits in a battle.


Emerging in the Battle of Astrud Lake Luke Dwyer, the founder of LCS fought for Wegmat in the battle. He soon realized he could profit off of the battles of factions in the nearby area as well as make a name for himself. He then created LCS to fulfill these goals.


LCS has 3 main roles, Leader, Officer and Enrolled. Officer can approve contracts allowing enrolled to attend, as well as lead enrolled attending the contract. Enrolled can attend contracts approved by Officers. The leader (Luke Dwyer) oversees operations and can do all of the above.