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MicroWiki:Policies and guidelines

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MicroWiki has various policies enforced over the content, community and individual users.

Community policies

Except where otherwise specified, all text on MicroWiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (unported) licence. Ensure the files you upload follow any permissible license or are your own creations.

MicroWiki is an encyclopedia with a standard of quality. Low quality articles may be deleted if no improvement on them has been made. Unconstructive articles or articles violating any other policy will be deleted also. Users may also request to have their articles deleted due to privacy concerns, if the article cannot be edited to exclude personal information.

Ensure that all interactions between minors and adults are appropriate. If you become aware of any inappropriate conduct, please inform the MicroWiki administration privately or the relevant authorities if necessary.

Use an individual's chosen pseudonym and personal pronouns.

MicroWiki stores some user data about your account to ensure the site can work as a collaborative online encyclopedia, but also stores information submitted by users.

MicroWiki reserves the right to ban any user from editing the site for breaching site policies. Read the blocking policy to avoid getting a banned, or how to appeal a ban.

Content policies and guidelines

Ensure your articles look consistent with others.

What article protection is and how it affects you.

Use consistent and predictable filenames.