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Republic of Example
Flag of Example
Coat of arms of Example
Coat of arms
Motto: "Hoc exemplum adservans titulum"
"This motto is an example"
Anthem: "National anthem"
Territories of Example
Territories of Example
LocationFakeville, United States
Ethnic groups
  • 90% Examplians
  • 10% Other
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
• President
Jane AB Citizen
• Vice President
Jane AB Citizen
from the United States
• Independence
20 April 2020
• Constitution ratified
25 April 2020
CurrencyExample dollar
Time zoneUTC-2 (XST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.ex

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  • Parts of this guide intended to be filled in with your own info will be encased in single curly brackets: {example}
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The Republic of Example, more commonly known as Example, is a micronation in {region}... The first paragraph should contain relevant information about location, significant subdivisions, and a brief history.

The second paragraph should give a brief overview of the nation's politics and governance.

The third paragraph should give an overview of the nation's relation to the broader micronational movement and the nation's foreign policy.


Insert information about the origins of the name of the micronation.


Insert a decently detailed but not overly long history of the micronation.

Politics and government

Insert a brief description of your nation's government, its parts, and their functions.

Early government

If your nation had any previous systems of government, explain them here, otherwise, you do not need this section.

{Head of state}

Explain the powers and abilities of the head of state of your nation in this section. Title this section after the position, not including "The."

{Head of government}

Explain the powers and abilities of your nation's head of government. Title it after the head of government, such as anyone second in command to the head of state. Again, no need to include "The."


If your nation has a legislative branch, explain its function and structure here, titling the section with the name of the legislative body.

Use ====Level 4 headings==== for the upper and lower houses or chambers.

Political parties

Explain the background or history of the political parties in the state, and any guidelines or regulations regarding them. For the table, you can add or remove as many columns for the number of seats as needed. It is advised that you sample the colors for the table from the party logo.

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Lower House Upper House Cabinet
Example Party EXM
0 / 3
0 / 10
0 / 5

Law and order

Insert information about the nation's judicial system and/or law enforcement.


Insert brief information about the structure of the nation's military, its branches, the weaponry used, and notable conflicts the nation was involved in.


If your nation has ministries managing certain fields, explain them here under ==== Level 4 headings.==== Some information to include might be the powers that the ministry has, the history of ministries in the nation, etc. For example:

Ministry of Example

The ministry of example is responsible for {task} and {task} in the Example Republic. It was established on 20 April 2022 under the Ministry Act to manage [certain aspect of the nation].

Foreign relations

Provide a general overview of the nation's foreign policy and its involvement in sectors, organizations, etc.

Provided below is an example of a list of relations with other nations and organizations. You do not strictly have to recognize these exact nations, the following list is only an example. For more information on flag icons, see {{flag}}, {{flaglist}} {{flagicon}}, and {{flagicon image}}.

Unilateral recognition

  • MicroWiki:NPG All Example Alliance member states
  •  Example

Mutual recognition

Recognition refused

Formerly recognized

You do not need this section unless your micronation recognized a now-defunct state. Format this list like the other three above.

Administrative regions

Explain your nation's claim system, and the various types of constituencies your nation may have, for example, the difference between a district and a territory. It is preferred that you do not discuss each constituency in this section. Instead, the names of each constituency in the table should be linked to their own separate articles. You can add and remove columns as you wish, but generally, include fields for the flags (which should be kept small, at most 100px wide (less if more rows listed) and have a border), name, and important fields such as area, population, governor and/or representative (or equivalent position). You do not need to include a column for a seal, flag, or coat of arms for each constituency if it they do not have one.

Flag Arms/Seal/Emblem
Name Area Population Officials
Example District
Second Example District
{Second type of constituency}
Example Territory
Second Example Territory

Geography and climate

This is an example of a picture in your article. Pictures make an article look a lot better, more informative & more interesting. Ideally, images should not be larger than 200 pixels in width.

Use this section to write about the terrain, climate, weather, and location of your micronation. A good template for listing annual temperature data is {{Weather box}}.


Insert fiscal information, such as the micronation's exports, imports, and industries. You can briefly discuss the micronation's currency but that should generally be kept in a separate article.


Insert information about the micronation's holidays, customs, education, spoken languages, arts, the press, and television here.


It is recommended to use the following table for holidays:

Date Name Remarks
1 January Unix Epoch Time day A day honoring Unix time since the beginning of the Unix epoch on 1 January 1970.

See also

Related pages, in a bulleted list. DO NOT include links to categories, articles of allied nations, or pages already linked in the article.


Only include this section if using {{Efn}} notes, otherwise, omit in entirely. This section should only contain {{Notelist}}


This section should only contain {{Reflist}}, if references are used in the article. Otherwise, omit this section entirely.

External links

External links are for, well, links to external sites. If you are a new editor, you must have at least five edits to be able to add external links. These can include your nation's official site, citizenship application, and social media links. Links should be added in a bulleted list, for example:

Make sure to add relevant categories to your article to aid in sorting and navigation for readers. While they may appear in a single line here, they must be in an unbulleted list when viewed in source.

[[Category:{short name of micronation}]] [[Category:Micronations in {country}]] [[Category:Micronations in {state or other subdivision, if applicable, otherwise do not include this category}]] [[Category:Micronations established in {year}]]