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MicroWiki:Word from the Founder

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Well, welcome to this word from the founder (the whole existence of which is sort of absurd, but it's just one entry, so forgive me..)

I created this Wiki a long time ago - more than a year now - as part of a small micronational hype in Maryland, USA and mainly for personal use, and left it for dead when I returned to Germany, my home country. Apparently, things have worked out well for it and it's not only alive, but growing fast. I must say that everyone who contributed to this deserves all praise - you, ladies and gentlemen, and an especial note here is also deserved by the Portuguese community who amazingly created their own wiki - have done a deed I thought to be impossible.

I am truly amazed by the great spirit and energy everyone has invested in "MicroWiki", and somehow regret that I haven't been here to see it grow up to this point. After all, the world of micronations is threatened by only one major danger: inconsistency and inactivity. Someone once said that as long as something happens - whether bad or good - a community can not die - and this is something all micronational founders should remember to keep their nations alive.

In any case, you came here to read about micronations, not some pointless babble from someone who incidentally was the first one to request the creation of a micronational wiki. I will do my best to keep this wiki clean from now on and may it grow -- towards the next 100 entries!


— Fabian Maximilian Schneider, alias Monsterfurby, 18 August 2006