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The symbol of a MicroWiki Administrator combines a globe with a broom.

Administrators (or internally, sysops) are users and editors of MicroWiki who have been selected to help with the day-to-day running of the website and the moderation of user-generated content. Also known as Admins, these users have been afforded access to restricted technical features and assorted tools to help regulate content, resolve issues and keep the wiki accessible to all through their maintenance efforts.

It is worth noting that Administrators are not a special subgroup of users in the sense that they are ordinary members of the community and micronationalists who maintain articles for their own micronation. It is regarded as the duty of all users of MicroWiki to ensure their articles are up to standard and to help with the general maintenance of the wiki. Rather, the administrative team exists to manage large-scale maintenance of the wiki, provide help to new users, and resolve issues that cannot be addressed by ordinary users (protecting pages, dealing with vandalism, blocking users, etc.). They are experienced editors who users can look to for assistance and guidance. In all their work on the wiki, Administrators are expected to be impartial and always put their duties before their individual micronational obligations.

Administrators also exist to promote user cooperation and to try to resolve disputes that may arise between editors. Whether this comes in the form of creating a balanced edit to a disputed article or "sitting two people down" and talking out their problems, the most important duty of a MicroWiki Admin is to serve the userbase and ensure that all users are happy with content and communal cooperation. Administrators are not infallible, supreme community leaders - they are ordinary editors who have been trusted to fulfil a special maintenance role. MicroWiki is, like every wiki, a community project where all contributions are valued - editors should never mistake Administrators for the supreme authority on content.

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Bureaucrats are administrators who are members of the MicroWiki Foundation, and have the ability to add and remove user groups from other users.

Interface editors

Interface editors are administrators with necessary permissions to edit key visual components of the site, such as CSS, JavaScript, and system messages.