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File names on MicroWiki should be clear and descriptive without being excessively long. File names are important for the organisation of the Wiki, so while your contributions would work and show up as intended with any name, for us, editors of the Wiki, it is an additional obstacle in making sense of our Wiki's content.


MicroWiki is primarily a wiki of editors, which means that your articles will be edited by others, perhaps even years into the future from now. Cryptic filenames make that task much harder; not only are these files impossible to find, they are also impossible to put into new contexts. Some too-generic file names also run into the risk of being reuploaded by another editor, changing the content of your articles. MicroWiki admins are also more likely to remove articles with too generic or undecipherable filenames. And lastly, you are doing it for yourself. If you want to include your nation's flag in another article, if your file name is predictable and consistent (for example, Flag of Example.png), you do not have to look through your old contributions to find the image.


To illustrate, here are some good examples of filenames:

checkY Flag of A1.svg
checkY Coat of arms of Aenopia (2020 - 2021).svg
checkY Communist Party of Baustralia logo.svg

And to show what NOT to do:

☒N 81565898 2551517075125388 2987104060210937856 o.png
☒N Flag(1).png
☒N !.jpeg