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Vandalism on an article

On MicroWiki, vandalism is the act of editing any article in a malicious manner that is intentionally disruptive. Vandalism includes the addition, removal, or modification of the text or other material that is either humorous, nonsensical, a hoax, or that is an offensive, humiliating, or otherwise degrading nature.

The most common forms of vandalism on MicroWiki are typically article blanking, adding material meant to humiliate, and replacing entire content with offensive messages. Frequent targets of vandalism include articles on hot and controversial topics, famous micronations and micronationalists, and famous events.

Fighting vandalism

A semi-protected or protected page can only be edited by autoconfirmed users, or administrators, respectively. Trying to blank an article will activate an abuse filter, and will stop you from performing the action. Any user may report vandalism to an administrator, the admins are out to get you, vandals!

Frequently vandalised articles

Number of times an article has been intentionally vandalised.



Notable vandals and acts of vandalism

  • The user Fucking normes REEEEEEEEEEE blanked over 80 articles before being blocked.[1]
  • Living Chicken, under the alt Lauria, blanked 23 articles with deletion templates and "DOMINUS IS GOD!!! PRAISE DOMINUS!!!".[2]
  • Aidan McGrath, with the account Cookieman.1.1.1, vandalised the article New Eiffel Union of Micronations by changing it's list of six goals to all say "spreading socialism". This caused a huge stir in the organisation, as well as non-members questioning the legitimacy of the organisation thinking that it was not vandalism.
  • The user The Major vandalised over 22 articles with offensive and racist words.[3]
  • One Daniel Callaghan created a total of 11 alt accounts with the sole purpose of vandalising pages related to the Empire of Adammia between February and April 2016. As a result, the page Empire of Adammia holds the record for the most vandalised page on MicroWiki to this day.
  • The Organisation Of Active Micronations (New Eiffel Union)'s article was moved various times by users, after being originally moved by an administrator. The page was then locked for a week, however after the week was up page moving still continued after that.
  • Jackson I of Kapreburg, with the account FanOfAdolf123 vandalised the page John of Baustralia to have a link to a youtube video on the top, which was titled "My head does look like a sodding tic tac. You win, I give up." out of anger of Baustralia invading Kapreburg.
  • 20 alt-accounts by the users OIMGov (Hasan Çakar) and Mahuset (Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy)[4] were banned for vandalism on 26 January 2020. Most of them replaced articles of several micronations with offensive and pro-EU[5] and satirical pro-GUM messages.[6] Despite confessing to the vandalism in private messages and being identified by their IP addressses, the perpetrators publicly maintain their innocence and have attempted to blame Thomas Bainbridge for the vandalism, for which there is no evidence.