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Flag of Arkovia
Motto: Innovation Nation

The Development State Start Arkovia

Develop Towards The Future
Location of Arkovia
Location of Arkovia
and largest city
Official languagesAustralian English
GovernmentUnitary direct democracy
• Established
24 July 2016
• Government reformed
1 December 2017
• Total
252,720 km2 (97,580 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2019 estimate
• Non-Citizen Residents
• Resident Citizens
• 2019 census
GDP (PPP)2019 estimate
• Total
CurrencyArkovian ark
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD.ark

Arkovia was a micronation but considers itself as a Project Nation founded on 24 July 2016.

Arkovia's goal is to focus on infrastructure, technological progression, and pragmatic politics. It is one of few nations to use a direct democracy (Arksembly), and uses other unorthodox governing systems. Arkovia's monetary system uses a fully digital currency called Arks which is democratically controlled by Arkovia's central bank, ArkBank. It manages bank accounts, financial transactions, issues loans, purchasing equity and debt from companies and foreign nations, while also funding deficit expenditure in the government.

It is not recognized by any members or observers of the United Nations.


Arkovia was initially established on 24 July as a dictatorial micronation. Later, Arkovia reformed their government into a direct democracy with an oligarchic council, which allowed previous leaders to stay in charge.

The nation planted a flag in the outback within its claim on 6 July 2018.

Government and politics


The Arksembly is Arkovia's direct democracy. It is the primary power in the government. It differentiates from a representative democracy, where elected leaders draft laws, plan projects, and fulfills them.

Citizens directly influence the nation by creating initiatives. Initiatives are used to create, modify, cancel, fund, elect, or remove:

  • Legislation
  • Projects
  • Enhanced Government Institutions
  • Leaders of EGIs

Citizens draft legislation, plan projects, and elect leaders to fulfill them.

Genesis Council

The Genesis Council is another power in Arkovia's government, and has virtually the same powers as the Arksembly, except in a restricted council.

The Genesis Council consists of Gens, who have various responsibilities such as:

  1. Maintain high personal integrity
  2. Maintain safety of the nation
  3. Maintain high quality activity
  4. Act in the nations best interests
  5. Act in the citizens best interests
  6. Cooperation and respect with other Gens
  7. Represent the government professionally.
  8. Make decisions for the nation's gain, not personal gain
  9. Engage in discussion and criticism of various ideas and systems
  10. Plus other responsibilities delegated by the Genesis Council
  11. Promote the nation positively internationally

Enhanced Government Institutions

Enhanced Government Institutions (EGIs) are the equivalent of public departments or ministries. The EGI leaders are elected through the Arksembly, or appointed by the Genesis Council. Leaders are selected based on qualification, experience, skill, and vision, which forms a technocratic government, where the most qualified are selected.

Foreign Relations


General Characteristics

Arkovia mainly comprises of the Nullarbor Plain in the south, the Great Victoria Desert in the center, and the Central Ranges xeric scrub in the north.

Plant life is limited in the arid desert, and comprises mostly of shrub and grasses. Trees are also common in low concentrations in various areas.


Arkovia is mainly a cool, arid, and subtropic area with relatively similar humidity levels compared to other subtropical coastal regions in Australia. The coastal areas receive about half as much annual rainfall as Adelaide, Australia.


Arkovia generally shares the same biodiversity as other arid areas in Australia, including kangaroos, and koalas.


Arkovia lacks a real economy, and citizens fund the government through donations of the Australian dollar, which is then used by the Government on various projects.

It is one of few micronations to have a functioning currency, called Arks, or singularly, Ark. The currency is a digital currency, and is fully cashless. Transactions are done online at the national bank (ArkoviaBank) or done via cards at point-of-sale terminals.

Arkovia aims to establish aeroponic farms, and export food to Australia. The Government intends to construct a coal power station in late 2021, and export energy to South Australia, and Western Australia.


People may apply for citizenship at Arkovia's website ( The citizenship applications are handled by the CINVIR EGI which stands for Citizenship, Immigration, Naturalization, Visa, Integration & Refuge.

Arkovia will offer 50 Arks and a bank account when their application is approved.

Arkovia aims are to enter the Pacific Islands Forum to help relocate and integrate citizens of the sinking Pacific islands to Arkovia.