Empire of Adammia

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Empire of Adammia
Imperium Adammiae


Quaerentibus sapientiam et honorem (Latin: Seek wisdom and honour)
National: Chariots of Fire
Emperor's: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Adammia map.png
Approximate locations of central region and colonies; only British territories are shown
Capital city Imperial City
Largest city Adamsville
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Adammia
Demonym Adammic
Government Executive constitutional monarchy
- Emperor Adam I
- Prime Minister Paul McKenna
- Deputy PM Reginald Hall
Legislature Ruling Council
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 12
- Last election - 13 August 2016
Established 13 April 2013
Area claimed 62,469m² (15.4 acres)
Population 30 (plus 82 honourary citizens) (22 citizens are territorial residents)
Currency Pound Sterling (GBP)
Time zone UTC
National sport Esports
National animal Meerkat
Patron saint Gabe "Gaben" Newell
Observer state of the Grand Unified Micronational


The Empire of Adammia, more commonly known as simply Adammia, is a micronation mainly located on the island of Great Britain. The nation is made up of 13 non-contiguous enclave territories surrounded by the counties of West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Midlands and Leicestershire in the United Kingdom, and Ohio in the United States. Adammia has a surface area of 62,469m² (15.4 acres) and a population of 30 full citizens, of whom 22 are territorial residents.

The Empire's form of government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, defined by the Empire's constitution, the Supreme Directive. The current and so far only monarch is Emperor Adam I, who has ruled since Adammia was founded on 13 April 2013. Adammia's official capital is Imperial City. Other cities include Adamsville and Attenborough. The Empire consists of five Provinces, two Colonies and five Territories.

The Empire's total size has fluctuated throughout its history, starting out with 5m² in Emperor Adam I's bedroom when it was first founded in 2013. It went on to annex the current five provinces over the following year, which are the only constant part of the Empire; Colonies and Territories come and go frequently. The majority of the Empire's area comes from the Jagstonian Plains, a territory which covers a large park. All other subdivisions of the Empire are, for the most part, single residential buildings. The Empire's surface area peaked in March 2015 at 150,707m² (37.2 acres), but since then it has declined significantly after the former colonies of Creatuxia and Borealia left the Empire. With all its territory surrounded by either the UK or the USA, English is the first language of most Adammic citizens, and this is reflected in the fact that it is the Empire's official language.

Adammia has a small services-based economy and the government's main source of income is through voluntary contributions. Most citizens work in and import goods from their respective macronations, giving them living standards expected for a developed country. Intermicronationally, Adammia has had periods of heightened influence, with Emperor Adam I serving twice as Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational in 2014 and 2015. Adammia is currently an observer state of the Grand Unified Micronational, and is in a more reserved, isolationist phase internationally. Its military is fairly average by micronational standards, with 14 servicemen. Under Dresner's System of Classification, it has a score of 3.2, and under Linden's Revised System it scores 4.0.


"Adammia" comes from a fictional location created for an internet forum-based role playing game known as Xanada V Sportica. The founder, Adam Belcher, created this fictional location as the Empire of the Great Adammic Islands in January 2013. It was later used as the inspiration for the name of the real-life Adammia.


Main Article: History of Adammia


The Empire of Adammia was founded by Adam Belcher on 13 April 2013. After some difficulty securing the Empire's borders, Adammia existed only de-facto until the original version of the Supreme Directive was ratified on the 19th, formally beginning the reign of Emperor Adam I.

During the first month of its existence, Adammia grew rapidly with Tytannia, Maternia and the then Adammic Imperial Province all being annexed, and the Military, Treasury and official symbols all being created, followed by the nobility and territory system in May. May was also the month when democracy was formally introduced to the Empire for the first time with the First Amendment being issued, which made all future amendments require a referendum to pass. On 12 May, Adammia joined the Grand Unified Micronational.

Shortly after the state media was introduced in June, the Office of the Emperor announced a proposed new Supreme Directive to replace the old one, which was considered poorly written. After this was approved by a referendum on 30 June, Emperor Adam I ceased to be an absolute monarch as the Empire officially became a constitutional monarchy, with the Ruling Council as the new legislature. The first colony of the Empire, Creatuxia, was annexed in August. Later that month, Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher was elected the first Prime Minister on the 25th, who in September appointed Ministers to the newly created government departments in the executive National Government, creating the first Cabinet. September also saw the creation of the contributions scheme, which gave the Treasury a source of income for the first time which later enabled it to buy the official web domain in December, the first ever spending of public finances.

Starting in October and lasting until December 2013, all of the legislation issued so far in the Empire was reviewed by the Office of the Emperor, which resulted in an Imperial Decree making amendments to the previous Decrees, an amendment to the Supreme Directive being approved by a referendum, and finally an Act of Council making amendments to the previous Acts. In December, the Empire expanded again with Watertopia being annexed.


In January 2014, the Empire grew massively in size as Myway province was annexed, followed by the Jagstonian Plains and Astley Meadow being claimed a few weeks later, making the Empire increase 56 times in size. Along with this came a substantial increase in the armed forces, with many new units being created. However, this did not come without opposition, as the Astley Meadow Insurgency began with the Skirmish of Astley Meadow on 23 January 2014. In February, Imperial City became the capital city, AISA was established and the Ministry of Infrastructure was added to the original eight Ministries.

March 2014 saw more government reform as all the subdivisions of the Ministries were reclassified as Government Agencies or Government-owned Companies. The same legislation created the postal service, Imperial Mail. Meanwhile, an update to the state symbols saw a new coat of arms imported from the Ashukov Federation, and a new national anthem chosen by a public referendum. Preparations soon began for the Empire's first anniversary in April, Foundation Day. Held on the 12th, this was the largest gathering of Adammic citizens on record. AISA attempted their first mission, Andromeda 1, on this day, but the rocket did not successfully launch.

After April, attention turned away from Foundation Day and onto the subject of economics. The Ruling Council allowed companies to be registered in the Empire with an Act on 3 May 2014, giving rise to a steady growth in the private sector which would see the Adammic GDP reach £100 by the end of 2014. The end of the Astley Meadow Insurgency saw the demobilisation of the armed forces which eventually led to half of all units being made redundant in November 2014.

Astley Meadow was all but abandoned by July 2014 so it was ceded back to the UK. It was replaced with the territory of Borealia in Devon, which soon became in integral part of the Empire's industry with a furnace capable of melting aluminium and later copper. In August, the Adammic National Election 2014 was held which saw Emperor Mother Jayne re-elected as Prime Minister. In September, Adammia's foreign influence reached new heights when Emperor Adam was elected Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational. By this point, money collected by the Contributions scheme set up one year prior had reached a point where public spending became a key issue. The Ruling Council approved investing in a monument to the Empire's citizens, which was completed in October and was named the Populus Imperium monument. Also in October, AISA successfully launched its first rocket from the Jagstonian Plains in its Andromeda 3 mission.

In December, Adammia was involved in a brief diplomatic stand-off with remnants of the Mohawks.


Adammia grew once again in early 2015 with Adammic Columbia joining in January followed by Dearneland in February. Emperor Adam focused extensively on revamping the military, whilst another project to introduce a minimum wage failed. The collapse of the GUM left Adammia with only a shadow of its former intermicronational influence, whilst Creatuxia was forced to leave the Empire causing a loss of almost half the total territory, but much of the government's focus was directed inwards throughout the year, making its procedures more professional. In July, the Colonial Council was introduced as a way of giving the colonies a way to influence national legislation.

For 2015's elections, the Emperor encouraged the formation of political parties on the basis that competition between them would incentivise people to come up with new ideas. This led to the Moderate and Labour parties being founded by Emperor Mother Jayne and Sir Reginald Hall respectively to challenge the Emperor's own Liberal Party. Emperor Mother Jayne was re-elected to a third term on 16 August, though her first as Moderate leader.

On 18 October, travel writer Jonny Blair became the first tourist to visit Adammia, a huge milestone for the Empire.

Government and politics

The Empire of Adammia is a unitary state and has a constitutional monarchy where the Monarch is the Head of State. The current Monarch is Emperor Adam I. The constitution of the Empire is called the Supreme Directive and it sets out the Monarch's powers as well as codifying the government system. The system in Adammia draws upon elements from the United Kingdom and the Empire of Austenasia.

Legislative power is shared between the Monarch and the Ruling Council, with the support of both needed to pass legislation. By default, legislation - taking the form of Imperial Decrees or Acts of Council - only holds effect over the five Provinces, but can also be enacted over the Empire's Colonies if this is explicitly stated.


Main article: Monarchy of Adammia

The Monarch is known as the Emperor if male, and Empress if female. The position is hereditary. The Monarch has significant powers that can be exercised through Imperial Decrees, one of the two main forms of legislation in the Empire. In addition to this, the Monarch occupies a number of positions, such as Grand Marshal of the Military of Adammia.

Ruling Council

Main article: Ruling Council

The Ruling Council is the legislature of the Empire. It is unicameral and is made up of the Dukes and Duchesses of the Provinces and elected Councilors from each province, who are elected annually. The Council can vote to legislate through Acts of Council, which if passed must be given consent by the Monarch. As a balance to this, the Council can vote to overturn Imperial Decrees. There are three active political parties with seats on the Ruling Council: the Liberal Party, Moderate Party and Labour Party.

Imperial Government

Main article: Imperial Government

As the Empire has a parliamentary system, the Imperial Government, the executive branch, is made up of and is accountable to the members of the Ruling Council. The head of government is the Prime Minister, who is elected out of the members of the Ruling Council annually by the citizens of Adammia. The current Prime Minister is Sir Paul McKenna, who was elected on 18 August 2016. The Prime Minister appoints members of the Council to be the Ministers of various government departments known as Ministries. The Ministers form a committee known as the Cabinet, whereas all other government staff fall under the umbrella of the Imperial Civil Service.


The entity responsible for handling judiciary issues in Adammia is the Grand Court. The judge of this court is the Monarch, with the Prime Minister as a backup judge.

Political parties

Party Name Members Leader Foundation Date Ruling Council Cabinet
Liberal Party 5 Emperor Adam I 4 August 2013
4 / 12
3 / 11
Moderate Party 3 Emperor Mother Jayne 18 July 2015
3 / 12
3 / 11
Labour Party 4 Sir Reginald Hall 18 July 2015
4 / 12
4 / 11
Adammic National Party 8 Sir Cavan Garfield 17 February 2016
0 / 12
0 / 11
Independent N/A N/A N/A
1 / 12
1 / 11

Foreign relations

Main article: Foreign relations of Adammia

As a full member of Grand Unified Micronational, Adammia has had the opportunity to open contact with a wide range of micronationalists from around the world. Informally, Adammia has neutral to reasonably good relations with the micronations it has interacted with. The nation signed its first official treaty, with Burnham, on 8 July 2013, and to this day Burnham (now Mercia) has perhaps the strongest relationship with Adammia out of all the nations Adammia has recognised. Adam I was Chairman of the GUM twice. When the GUM dissolved in 2015, Adammia became increasingly withdrawn from intermicronational affairs, but is now returning to the stage after the GUM was "rebooted" in 2016.


Main article: Military of Adammia

The Military of Adammia is moderately sized for a micronational armed force. It has 14 servicemen, split across three branches: the Adammic Army, the Adammic Navy and the Adammic Air Force. The army has 13 soldiers, the air force has 2 airmen, and the Navy is currently simply an honourary branch. The overall commander-in-chief is the Monarch, who holds the rank of Grand Marshal. The current Emperor also holds the ranks of Field Marshal of the Army, Grand Admiral of the Navy, and Air Chief Marshal of the Air Force.

The Adammic Army is the only branch that has seen combat, in two separate skirmishes in May 2013 and January 2014 - the Skirmish of Tytannia and the Skirmish of Astley Meadow respectively. The army generally fights unarmed, though the younger members have been known to use plastic swords as batons.


The total surface area of the Empire of Adammia is approximately 62,469m² (15.44 acres). Eight pieces of land that it owns are located in West Yorkshire, one in North Yorkshire, one in South Yorkshire, one in West Midlands, one in Leicestershire, and one in Ohio. Most of the Empire is empty grassland, with about 2% being urban. There are 304 square metres of water. Land in the Empire is generally flat and has no distinctive natural features, except for Myway province which contains a section of a large river. The exact location of the Empire's territories in relation to the UK / USA have not been disclosed by the government in the interests of state security.

The highest point in the Empire is in Adammic Columbia, 270m above sea level. The lowest point is at the banks of the river running through Myway, which is at 15m above sea level.


Adammia, like the rest of Great Britain, has a temperate climate. Temperatures are usually within a range of 2°C - 7°C in winter but can drop as low as -11°C. In summer, the average temperature range is 12°C - 21°C, but can rarely reach as high as 33°C. Winters are characterised by rain and, in recent years, moderate outbreaks of snow. Summers are warm and humid with occasional heavy rainstorms, though there are usually only one or two thunderstorms per year.

Administrative divisions

The Empire is made up of its home region or "country", simply called Adammia, and its colonies. The term "Provincial Adammia" has been applied to the country of Adammia in the past, along with the term "Adammic Home Regions". Although the country exists in the legal system, it rarely plays a part in the administration of the Empire. Based on the loose definitions given to the country when it was created in Imperial Decree IV, it includes seven pieces of land surrounded by West and North Yorkshire. The country of Adammia also has a position of nobility attached to it, but this position is part of the Monarchy.

The next level of administration is Regions. The country of Adammia contains two regions: West Adammia and East Adammia. The three west-most sections of land are part of West Adammia, and the four east-most sections make up East Adammia. The nobility attached to regions are known as Archdukes or Archduchesses. They have very little power over their regions other than the ability to appoint the Dukes or Duchesses of the provinces within the region.

Finally there are Provinces. The main type of administrative division, there are 5 provinces: Primoria, Maternia, Watertopia, Myway and Tytannia. Nobles attached to provinces are known as Dukes or Duchesses. Unlike their regional counterparts, provinicial nobles have some executive and legislative power over their provinces, but they share it with an elected Councilor, a politician who is elected by the residents of the provinces once per year. The Duke/Duchess and the Councillor represent their province on the Ruling Council, and form the core of that province's Local Government, to which they can appoint more individuals as they see fit. Primoria is the east-most section of land in West Adammia; Maternia is the west-most; and Watertopia is located in between these. East Adammia is made up of Tytannia in the west and Myway to the north and east.

Colonies are autonomous, inhabited areas of land outside the country of Adammia. Alluria and Adammic Columbia are the two current colonies of the Empire. Creatuxia, Burghlia and Borealia are former Colonies which were located in Cheshire, Gloucestershire and Devon respectively.

Certain miscellaneous administrative divisions can be classed as Territories. These are areas 'shared' with a macronation that the Empire has much more limited sovereignty over. Territories can be either within or outside of the Country of Adammia. Legally, this land does not have to be owned by a citizen of the Empire, it only needs to have some sort of presence there. As a result, Territories are used with parks and over large areas of land, and they make up around 97% of the Empire's land. There are currently five Territories, the Jagstonian Plains, El Grandens, Kappania, Midgard and Dearneland; another, Astley Meadow, was ceded back to the UK. A county within the Province of Tytannia, Tytannia Ulterior, is also considered a type of Territory.



Main article: Primoria
The heart of the Empire, Primoria has 218m² of land, and contains a semi-detached house, two small gardens, a driveway and garage. The smallest bedroom is the Office of the Emperor, and was also the original territory of the Empire when it was first founded. This room contains the "Command Desk" where decisions are made and the Treasury was located until September 2013. The province has 4 residents. Most of the province is part of the city of Adamsville.


Main article: Maternia
Maternia has a single house within it. It has one resident and covers 67m². The house there is a fairly standard British terraced house, with a small back yard.

The meeting chamber of the Ruling Council in White Gold Palace, Tytannia.


Main article: Watertopia
Watertopia is similar to Primoria in terms of size and features. It is around 217m² in size, and contains a semidetached house and two gardens. It has 3 residents. Most of the province is part of the city of Attenborough.


Main article: Myway
Myway is the second largest province of the Empire of Adammia. It is 1211m² in size, of which 302m² is water in the form of a section of a river that extends from its east bank to its middle. It contains several structures, including a garage and two abandoned buildings that may have once been workshops when the land was under previous ownership. Its main building and seat of local government is a bungalow, which has a very large garden. The province has 4 residents.

Koifish Lake and Central Park with Outwood Orchard in the distance, Tytannia.


Main article: Tytannia
Tytannia is the largest province in Adammia, covering over 1302m² of land. Its main features are a large detached house used for many government functions such as Ruling Council meetings and its two gardens. It is known for having an abundance of plant life, and even has some animal life. It is situated on the land owned by the Emperor's grandfather. The house and front garden form the county of Sapientia, whereas the back forms Tytannia Major. There is one resident. Tytannia is unique in that it contains land that is also a Territory, which does not hold full provincial status. This is the county of Tytannia Ulterior, an empty grass area across the road from Tytannia, behind a local British pub. Much of the province is part of Imperial City, the capital city of Adammia.



Main article: Alluria
Alluria is is part of Emperor Adam I's university accommodation. It consists of five bedrooms (belonging to the Emperor and his flatmates), a corridor and a kitchen on the second floor of a residential building. It has five residents, making it the most populous Adammic territory, and is 130m² in size.

Adammic Columbia

Main article: Adammic Columbia
Adammic Columbia is the only Adammic territory not located on Great Britain, and consists of the large rear garden of a property 1359m² in size.


Jagstonian Plains

Main article: Jagstonian Plains
The Jagstonian Plains are a large piece of Adammic land, at 57,143m². Consisting of the southern half of a park near Tytannia, they are mostly fields (sometimes used for recreation) and trees. It is best known for being the launch site of the Adammic Imperial Space Agency.

El Grandens

Main article: El Grandens
El Grandens is a property located roughly halfway between Primoria and Maternia of 481m² it has one resident registered as an Adammic citizen.


Main article: Kappania
Kappania, similar to El Grandens, is located near to Primoria, 124m² in size, with one registered resident.


Main article: Dearneland
Dearneland is the site of the Adammic Air Force base AAF Dearneland. It is 186m² in size and consists of an end-terrace house, a narrow driveway and a garage. It has one registered citizen inhabitant with several more unregistered.


Main article: Midgard
Midgard is the smallest Adammic territory, at 31² in size. It is located within a university accommodation building and has one registered resident.


Main article: Economy of Adammia

The Empire has a very small economy and a market which is currently completely unregulated, with a handful of government-owned and private companies. The Ministry of Finance is the government department responsible for public finance and the economy. The Empire does not have a central bank or its own currency, instead using the Great British Pound. Adammia is almost completely reliant on goods and services provided in the nearby United Kingdom, which may in turn come from other sovereign states. Utilities, almost all food, transportation and equipment are all imported in this manner. Citizens of Adammia are also reliant on the UK for full-time employment.

The service sector has the most potential in the Empire. The current Monarch, Emperor Adam I, runs a private limited company called AB Animation Ltd., which runs a channel on YouTube. This channel is partnered with the Maker Gen network and is paid around £20 roughly every year and a half. Computer programming is a possible future industry in the nation.

The industrial sector is also partly active, mostly in agriculture. In the Tytannia province, pears, plums and peaches are all grown. Some of these, along with elderberries raided from various locations across the UK border, can be used to manufacture wines. Due to various restrictions and taxes imposed in the UK, the wines cannot be sold, but instead are given away with the option of voluntary donations in return. Capital Brewery Ltd. has a monopoly on the wine industry.

The government's wealth is stored in His Majesty's Imperial Treasury in Tytannia. The Ministry of Finance administrates the Treasury and is responsible for raising money for it through the monthly Contributions scheme whereby every full adult citizen pays a voluntary fee to help the Empire once per month. In addition, private companies are taxed 20% of their profits. Government-owned companies such as the Adammic Express and Imperial Mail provide all of their profits to the Treasury. The Treasury currently contains £85.


Adammia's culture is largely British in nature, being surrounded by the United Kingdom. However, it is slowly starting to diverge away from this, adopting some of its own eccentric quirks.

National Holidays / Events


Modern pop music is very popular in the Empire, much as in the UK. However, there is a much greater following for other forms of music than in the UK. Metal is popular amongst some members of the military and in the Ordo Vladius. Progressive rock, such as music by Mike Oldfield, is popular in Primoria. Classical music is also popular in Primoria and Maternia. Some forms of jazz are popular in Primoria, along with organ music - the fact that the Emperor's Anthem is a Bach piece is testament to this.

Adammia also has its own small music industry. Sir Cavan Garfield, the governor of El Grandens, produces vaporwave music under the name "Succ", whose 2016 album of the same name was the first album to be produced in Adammia. A number of full and honourary Adammic citizens also have a history in music. Emperor Father Kevin, Emperor Mother Jayne, Lord Sir Andrew Hall and Sir Tom Bennett have all been part of brass bands (the Emperor Father as a conductor); the former two were also members of the small 1990s pop/rock band Isis (Andrew Hall was the lights operator for the said band). The Emperor Father is a proficient guitarist who played with a number of small bands in the 1980s which were the predecessors of Isis. He is now a guitar teacher and taught former Adammic Army corporal Michael Mellor, who is now a member of the metalcore band Goodbye Graceful. Meanwhile, the Emperor Mother spent some years in the folk band The Durbervilles after Isis disbanded. Other honourary Adammic citizens who have produced music include Sir Ciaran Campbell, who has produced various forms of EDM, and Lewis "Jesus" Jennings, who is reportedly a former member of an unknown rock/metal band.


Adammia has a national newspaper called the Adammic Express on Wordpress, which has been operating since the first week of the Empire's existance. The Adammic Express is written and edited completely by the Emperor, and it posts 2-4 articles per month. The state's official broadcaster is Adammic Online Broadcasting, which uploads occasional videos and news segments from the Empire on YouTube. AOT is also operated exclusively by the Emperor. Other, private YouTube channels which operate from Adammic territory include "ABanimationLtd" (operated by AB Animation Ltd., well-known for The Micronations Show), "Matties Gaming" and "JakeACake". The state also has an official Twitter account which posts updates every few days.

State symbols

Adammia's flag is made up of a green circle on a dark cyan background, much in the style of the Empire of Japan, only based on the favourite colours of its creator, Adam I. The state animal is the Meerkat which appears on the Coat of Arms. The present Coat of Arms was produced by Emmanouil Tsompanoglou of the Ashukov Federation and in March 2014 replaced an earlier design by Emperor Adam I. The full blazon of the present Coat of Arms is:

Party per pale Vert two swords palewise crossed Argent with hilts Gules, and Azure the side sinister of a nine leafed twig Vert; for a Crest, the Holy Roman Imperial Crown modified with sides Or; for Supporters, two meerkats rampant; Motto "IMPERIVM ADAMMIAE" below the shield and motto "Quaerentibus sapientiam et honorem" below the first motto.

The national sport is esports. There are two anthems associated with the state: the main theme from the film Chariots of Fire is the national anthem. The Emperor's anthem, which is associated with the Monarch, is Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. The original national anthem was Sim Broadway from the soundtrack to SimCity 3000, and was replaced with Chariots of Fire following a referendum in March 2014. The Empire's first Patron Saint, from May 2013 to January 2015, was Jebediah Kerman, a character from Kerbal Space Program infamous for his bravery. Since then, the Patron Saint has been Gabe "Gaben" Newell, the director of the Valve Corporation and a key figure in PC gaming, which is popular in Adammic culture.


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