Adammic Navy

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Adammic Navy
Active 6 August 2013 - present
Country AdammiaFlag.png Empire of Adammia
Type Navy
Size 2
Part of Military of Adammia
Headquarters Pererria Naval Base
Grand Admiral Emperor Adam I
Chief-of-Staff Lady Admiral Simpson

The Adammic Navy is the maritime branch of the Military of Adammia. It was created alongside the Adammic Air Force on 6 August 2013, but spent many years without any servicemen (other than the Monarch as Grand Admiral), until June 2017 when Admiral Emily Simpson was recruited to lead the 1st Imperial Fleet. However, the Navy does not have any vessels, and has never carried out any operations. Its headquarters are at Pererria Naval Base; a second base, Myway Docks, has been commissioned but is not currently active.


  • Adammic Navy (1 man, led by Grand Admiral Adam I)
Officer's rank Unit
Admiral Fleet
Vice Admiral Task Force
Rear Admiral Squadron
Captain Ship (large)
Commander Ship (small)

Rank insignia

Adammic Navy
Grand Admiral Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Captain Commander Lieutenant Petty Officer Able Seaman
AdammiaGrandAdmiral.png AdammiaAdmiral.png AdammiaViceAdmiral.png AdammiaRearAdmiral.png AdammiaCaptainNavy.png AdammiaCommander.png AdammiaLieutenantNavy.png AdammiaPettyOfficer.png AdammiaAbleSeaman.png

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