Imperial Civil Service

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The Imperial Civil Service, alternatively known as His Majesty's Imperial Civil Service, is the permanent non-political branch of the Imperial Government of the Empire of Adammia, and the counterpart to the Cabinet, the political branch.

The Civil Service was created by the Imperial Government Act 2015 on 7 November 2015 as a grouping of the Office of State and all non-ministerial staff employed by the ten government departments. This means that the government agencies managed by the ministries can be considered to be part of the Civil Service. The head of the Civil Service is the Lord/Lady Chancellor (the head of the Office of State), though this is a mostly honourary association and the Chancellor's main duties remain confined to the Office of State. The only power the Chancellor exercises as the head of the Civil Service is approving the Prime Minister's choice for the Cabinet Secretary, the highest-ranking civil servant at the Cabinet Office and the second-highest-ranking civil servant overall.

Employees of the Imperial Civil Service are known as civil servants. The Imperial Government Act 2015 states that all civil servants are "expected to enact the policies of the ministers above them, doing so with complete impartiality". The exception to this is the Office of State, which is accountable directly to the Ruling Council and the Monarch, rather than the Prime Minister. Civil servants are intended to be permanent, managing the day-to-day administration needs of the Empire regardless of the current political situation.

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