Liberal-Moderate Party

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Liberal-Moderate Party
LeaderLord James Green
Deputy LeaderLord Charles Michael
PresidentEmperor Adam I
AnthemThe Land
Founded5 October 2018
Merger ofLiberal Party, Moderate Party
HeadquartersNorth Astonia (unofficial)
Membership  (2021)14
IdeologySocial liberalism
Political positionCentre-left
Official colorsYellow, Purple
House of Citizens
4 / 13
Ruling Council
4 / 11

The Liberal-Moderate Party (LMP, commonly known as the Lib-Mods) is a major political party in the Empire of Adammia. It was established by the merger of the Liberal Party and the Moderate Party in October 2018. It is currently Adammia's main governing party, as part of a cross-party national unity government.


The Liberal-Moderate Party was founded on 5 October 2018 following the approval of a merger by both the Liberal Party conference and a semi-formal poll of Moderate Party members. The merger proposal was first suggested by Liberal Party president Emperor Adam I, behind the back of his party leader, Lord General Panconi, who had very little say in the merger proposal. Although the Emperor and Moderate leader Lord Helliker both believed the merger made electoral sense, it proved unpopular amongst a small group of keen political activists, who promptly formed the Storm Party, believing the merger to be founded upon corruption. Though the movement was instigated by former Liberal minister Lord Gurr, who quit the party immediately after the merger was announced, it was Lord Saunders who led the Storm Party to defeat the Liberal-Moderates in the 2018 election. This relegated the Liberal-Moderates to the position of the official opposition.

During its first year in opposition, the LMP did convince the Storm Party to adopt many of its key policies, including the nationalisation of Capital Brewery Ltd. and the introduction of direct democracy at the local provincial level. However, for the most part, Lord Helliker was an inactive Leader of the Opposition, and he stood down in August 2019 at the party's second annual conference. Sir Charles Michael was elected in his place.

In September 2019, the party won 6 out of 13 seats in the first general election to the House of Citizens, and subsequently formed a coalition government with the Dank Party, with now-Lord Michael becoming Prime Minister.


Deputy Leaders


Policy and ideology

The Liberal-Moderate Party identifies as a socially liberal party, something which it has identified as having inherited from both of its predecessor parties. Within Adammic politics, the LMP is seen as the "status-quo" party, which in spite of its "progressive" views in terms of civil liberties, is seen by its competitors as being relatively conservative in terms of political and constitutional reform. Out of all Adammic parties, the LMP is seen as being most in favour of the monarchy, in opposition to the almost revolutionary Storm Party.

The LMP advocates for the rights of the Provinces, making a key contrast with the Storm Party, which believes that power should be held by the Adammic populace as a whole.

Executive Committee

Electoral results

Local elections

Election year Popular vote Vote percentage Seats
Count Of total
2018 3 23.1%
4 / 10
2019 - -
3 / 9
2020 - -
4 / 11
2021 - -
4 / 9

General Elections

Election year First preferences Total score Score percentage Seats
Count Of total
2019 15 18.23 40.2%
6 / 13
2020 10 13.53 26.1%
4 / 13
2021 - - -
7 / 13

National Elections

Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote +/-
2018 10 28.6% 39.3%

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