Imperial Government (Adammia)

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Imperial Government
His Majesty's Imperial Government
Logo of the Imperial Government
StateEmpire of Adammia
LeaderPrime Minister
Main organCabinet
Responsible toImperial Parliament of Adammia
HeadquartersWhite Gold Palace
Imperial City

The Imperial Government of the Empire of Adammia, alternatively known as His Majesty's Imperial Government, is the main executive governing body of Adammia. It was created by the June 2013 Supreme Directive. The head of the Government is the Prime Minister, who is elected from the members of the Ruling Council. The government is divided into five departments called Ministries, created by the Government Ministries Acts of 2013 and 2017. There is also the Cabinet Office, which is not technically a Ministry, created by the Imperial Government Act 2015. Each Ministry has a Minister, who is appointed by the Prime Minister out of the members of the Ruling Council, though there does exist a provision for the Prime Minister to appoint a non-Council member as a Minister if the Council approves.

The Imperial Government can also be split into two distinct halves: the Cabinet and the Imperial Civil Service. The Cabinet is a committee of all the Ministers, whereas all other government staff are part of the Civil Service - they are known as civil servants and are subservient to ministers. The Office of State is also a part of the Civil Service, but unlike the rest of the Imperial Government it is not under the control of the Prime Minister, instead being directly answerable to the Ruling Council and the Monarch.

The current Imperial Government is that of Lord Charles Michael, who became Prime Minister on 7 December 2022.



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