Cabinet of Adammia

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Second Michael Cabinet
9th ministry of Adammia

Date formed 7 December 2022
People and organizations
Head of government Lord Charles Michael
Head of state HIM Emperor Adam I
No. of ministers 4
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 4
Member party Liberal-Moderate Party
Status in legislature Minority
Opposition party Radical Left Party
Opposition leader Lord James Green
Election(s) 2022
Legislature term(s) XI Legislature
Previous Green Cabinet

The Cabinet of the Empire of Adammia is the central committee of the executive Imperial Government. It is comprised of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministers of the five government Ministries.

The Prime Minister, as the head of government, can either chair a Cabinet meeting or permit the Cabinet Secretary, the highest-ranking civil servant at the Cabinet Office, to do it on their behalf. As such the Cabinet Secretary can be considered a de-facto additional member of the Cabinet.


The Cabinet has existed as a formal entity since the passage of the National Government Act 2014 on 9 February 2014, though there was one informal "cabinet" meeting held in December 2013. Until the passage of the Imperial Government Act 2015 on 7 October 2015, only two or three official Cabinet meetings are believed to have taken place. They were chaired by Emperor Adam I as the Prime Minister's Director of Communications, a post he resigned from in the lead-up to the 2015 elections.

During the first two years of Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher's leadership, most executive business was carried out by the Emperor personally and most decisions were taken by the Ruling Council. In early 2015, the Emperor (as Chair of the Ruling Council) began to introduce the practice of initiating a regular caucus at the end of every monthly Ruling Council meeting, an option which became available following the passage of the Internal Procedures Act 2014, and using this period of suspended parliamentary order to resolve any miscellaneous business which didn't fall under the purview of the Council. This included executive government business, setting the stage for monthly Cabinet meetings at the end of every Ruling Council meeting. It was determined that this was the best time for Cabinet meetings as all the ministers were already gathered together for the Council meeting.

Monthly Cabinet meetings are currently mandatory and are held during the caucus at the end of Ruling Council meetings. The role of the Cabinet is now much more influential than ever before, being mostly neglected for much of its history. However, the influence of the Ruling Council, the Monarch and the Prime Minister are still seen as overriding that of the Cabinet.

Past Cabinets

Current members

Position Name Held office since
Prime Minister Lord Charles Michael 7 December 2022
Deputy Prime Minister Sir Ned Hilton 8 December 2022
Minister of Finance Lord Charles Michael 7 December 2022
Minister of Defence Emperor Adam I 7 December 2022
Minister of Foreign Affairs Emperor Adam I 7 December 2022
Minister of Citizenship and Information Sir Ned Hilton 25 October 2021
Minister of National Development and Culture Emperor Mother Jayne McKenna 8 December 2022

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