Adammic national election, 2014

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Adammic National Election 2014

← 2013 9–10 August 2014 2015 →
Turnout 82.1% (12.1)

  EmperorMotherJayne.jpg JulieFoster.jpg
Candidate Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher Julie Foster
Party Independent Independent
Popular vote 15 6
Percentage 71.4% (7.2) 28.6% (7.2)

Prime Minister before election

Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher

Elected Prime Minister

Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher

The 2014 National Election was an election in the Empire of Adammia in which Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher was re-elected Prime Minister for a second term.

Elections were called by Emperor Adam I during the last meeting of I Legislature of the Ruling Council on 12 July 2014. On 3 August, candidates were announced as: Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher (the existing PM seeking re-election), Crown Prince Daniel, and Julie Foster. Crown Prince Daniel later withdrew his candidacy the week before the election took place. The election gained the highest voter turnout in Adammic history to that point, with 23 total voters. Emperor Mother Jayne won by a considerable margin, though less than the previous year against Sir Reginald Hall. The results were announced on AOT News on 11 August.[1]

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