Adammia-United Kingdom border

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Adammia-United Kingdom border
The border between the Adammic county of Tytannia (right) and the British county of West Yorkshire (left)
Entities  Adammia  United Kingdom
Length4458 metres
Established13 April 2013

Foundation of the Empire of Adammia
Current shape28 August 2023

Imperial Decree LXXXVI
TreatiesTreaties of Annexation for Maternia (24 April 2013), the Adammic Imperial Province (27 April 2013), Tytannia & Sapientia (28 April 2013), and Sheaffia (25 June 2022)

The Adammia-United Kingdom border is the border claimed by the Empire of Adammia to exist between itself and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The boundary is 4458 metres long. Currently, this border is one of three international borders which Adammia is part of, with all but one Adammic provinces, colonies and territories (with the exception of Xanada, which borders France) sharing part of the border as enclaves of the British counties of West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, West Midlands, Greater London and Gloucestershire; Adammia also has a 56-metre long border with the Kingdom of Wazakhstan, of which the Oblast of Goodbold is an enclave of the Adammic territory of Ashoria.


The length of the border has varied considerably throughout Adammic history as territories have come and gone. At the time of the Empire's foundation on 13 April 2013, the border was approximately 14 metres long, surrounding Emperor Adam I's bedroom. When the Empire was being founded, securing the border was seen as a vital task, and on the day of foundation much effort was put into the creation of a makeshift border sign. However, since the border expanded beyond this bedroom two weeks later to cover the whole of the Adammic Imperial Province (now Primoria), the border has rarely been officially signposted. This is because Adammic citizens are reluctant to permit border signs at the entrances to their properties, and the United Kingdom does not acknowledge the existence of the border. Exceptions include border stones which were placed along the border between Borealia and Devon during the latter stages of Borealia's time in the Empire, and a border sign during the early days of the colony of Alluria, when it only consisted of a couple of bedrooms.


The majority of the Adammic border is defined by the boundaries of the residential properties which are claimed by the Empire, according to land deeds which are under the jurisdiction of English law. The exceptions to this are Adammic claims over areas which are not residential properties, namely the Jagstonian Plains, Pererria, Tytannia Ulterior and Sandal Castle. In these cases, the Adammic government has drawn the borders arbitrarily; sometimes this follows distinctive features, such as the footpath which surrounds Sandal Castle, and the fence which separates Pererria from University station, whilst in other cases the border does not follow any distinctive features, such as much of the border surrounding the Jagstonian Plains.

Of the sections of the border which are demarcated by land deeds, most of these are marked by walls (including the interior walls of terraced or semi-detached houses) or fences, with gates often marking the intended points for border crossings. None of these barriers were erected by the Adammic government - the vast majority of them were already there before the Empire was founded. Notably, part of the border of Myway consists of the middle of the River Aire, which was historically the border between North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire; because of this, Myway is the only part of Adammia to border two British counties.

Currently, the largest segment of the border is that between the Jagstonian Plains and West Yorkshire, at 1480 metres, whilst the shortest segment of the border is between East Corellia and London, at 27 metres. Currently, Adammia's only international border with another macronation is with France; there was previously a border between Adammia and the United States from 2015 to 2017, when Adammic Columbia was part of the Empire.

Customs and security

Presently, there is no passport or customs control at any point along the border. The United Kingdom does not implement any controls as it does not acknowledge the existence of the border, whilst Adammia has deemed controls unnecessary. Admittance to any part of Adammia is de facto the jurisdiction of the local residents, who will generally permit access to any person who has a legitimate reason to be in Adammia (such as landlords, gas and electric maintenance workers, friends and family of residents living in the UK, etc.). Light border controls were proposed by the Emperor in early 2014 but were quickly rejected by the Ruling Council. Only one person has ever crossed the border for the express purpose of visiting Adammia as a tourist: Jonny Blair, on 18 October 2015.[1] In some areas, such as the Jagstonian Plains, hundreds of British citizens cross the border on a daily basis, likely unaware of the border's presence due to the lack of border control.

As the government department responsible for national security, the Ministry of Defence has nominal control over the border on the Adammic side. The Military of Adammia does not actively patrol the border, but consideration has been given to securing the border from UK-based burglars who might seek to target Adammic properties. Such criminals are generally considered to pose the most likely threat to border security, with no sign of nearby hostile micronations.