Adammic Columbia

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Adammic Columbia
Flag of Adammic Columbia
Coat of arms of Adammic Columbia
Coat of arms
Motto: Deo confidimus
Anthem: De La Rey
Ohio, North America
CapitalNew Kent
Official languages • English
 • Afrikaans
 • Ukrainian
• Governor
Lord Sir John Smith
Establishment11 January 2015 (Reincorporated 14 November 2016) (17 January 2014 as New Normandy)
• Census
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (de facto)

Adammic Columbia was a Colony of the Empire of Adammia, surrounded by the state of Ohio in the United States. It was made up of a small grassy area behind the residence of the colony's Governor, Lord Sir John Smith It was 1359m² in size.


The name Hoogland is from the Afrikaans word meaning highland.

Pre-micronation history

This region was most likely inhabbited by the Eire people. Because of a majority of Free City of Hoogland's location being under an electrical grid, land was cleared in 1998 by the electrical company to access the wires on the grids. Many people took advantage of this opportunity and cleared land for fields. In 2006 a housing development was proposed, but was quickly rejected for a number of reasons. The field was used for practicing sports until 2014 when it became New Normandy.

In November 2015, while Sir John Smith was looking at an aerial from 1952, he that there was a road of some sort that ran through the claimed land. This road was most likely used to access the electrical grids that run above Free City of Hoogland. The road was subsequently abandoned around the 1960s as another aeril view from 1967 shows the road is over grown.


Adammic Columbia was originally a part of West Germania known as The colony of New Normandy. The Colony of New Normandy was founded on January 17, 2014. This was before declaring independence as the Empire of Nova Atlantis due to a lack of communications. This new Empire became stagnant and its Emperor, John I, arranged for it to become part of Adammia on 11 January 2015 as Adammic Columbia. It was originally a Territorial Claim and was upgraded to Colony status on 19 April 2015. On 10 August 2016 John Smith declared independence from the Empire of Adammia and went to the Holy Roman Empire, but the decision was reversed on 14 November 2016, with the territory returning to Adammia. Adammic Columbia finally left Adammia for good on 20 June 2017, with the territory being ceded back to the United States.


The economy of Adammic Columbia a was a very vibrant economy. It consisted of construction, the buying and selling of coins and banknotes, scrap metal, wood, and farming sunflowers. The U.S. dollar was accepted and used as Adammic Columbia's currency.


Exports Adammic Columbia had a small amount of exports. Most exports were sent to the United States. The main export of numismatic goods could vary and many were sent to nations around the world. Exports included: Numismatics, playing cards, scrap metal, and used goods.

Imports Adammic Columbia imported goods from the United States, and the Republic of Molossia. Imports included: Foods, utilities, fuel, household goods and appliances, clothing, numismatics, and scrap metals.


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