Leader of the Opposition (Adammia)

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The Leader of the Opposition is an unofficial title which is given to the leader of the largest opposition party in the House of Citizens in the Empire of Adammia. Prior to the passing of the Sixth Amendment on 1 July 2019, the Leader of the Opposition was the leader of the largest opposition party on the Ruling Council.

Portrait Name Term of office Political party Notes
HG Sir Christopher Hall KOA 4 January 2014 20 August 2016 Independent Leader of the Opposition de-facto as the most vocal member of the Council who did not serve in the government.
Vacant 20 August 2016 19 August 2017 No opposition existed during this time as there was a grand coalition, which included all members of the Council.
HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher COA 19 August 2017 28 October 2017 Moderate Party First Leader of the Opposition to be recognised as such.
Vacant 28 October 2017 2 December 2017 No opposition existed during the transitional government.
HG Lady Admiral Madam Ems Simpson DCM 19 November 2017 29 September 2018 Nuclear So-and-so Party
HG Lord Sir Alexander Helliker KCM KOV 22 October 2018 19 September 2019 Liberal-Moderate Party
Lady Madam Anna Worthington COA 10 October 2019 14 October 2020 Storm Party As both the Storm Party and the Red Green Alliance had won three seats each in the House, it was unclear which party should be considered the official opposition. However, Storm received a higher share of the popular vote, and Worthington was a more active critic of the government than RGA leader Billy Thompson, so she is generally considered to have been Leader of the Opposition.
Lord Charles Michael COA 14 October 2020 21 August 2021 Liberal-Moderate Party
Sir Alexander Waters KOA 25 October 2021 3 November 2022 Independent De-facto Leader of the Opposition as the most senior member of the House of Citizens not part of the cross-party national unity government.
Lord J. Green COA 7 December 2022 Incumbent Radical Left Party