Adammic national election, 2013

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Adammic National Election 2013

← None 25 August 2013 2014 →
  EmperorMotherJayne.jpg SirRHall.jpg
Candidate Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher Sir Reginald Hall
Party Independent Independent
Popular vote 11 3
Percentage 78.6% 21.4%

Prime Minister before election


Elected Prime Minister

Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher

The 2013 National Election was the first ever National Election held in the Empire of Adammia. Announced on 3 August 2013 by Emperor Adam I, two candidates ran in the election: Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, Minister (later Councilor) of Maternia, and Sir Reginald Hall, Minister (later Councilor) of Sapientia (now Tytannia). A third Minister, Crown Prince Daniel, chose not to run in the election.

Neither candidate presented a manifesto nor did any kind of campaigning, though the Adammic Express released interviews with both candidates on 22 August.[1]

Voting took place on 25 August. The results were announced on the 28th on AOT News,[2] with Emperor Mother Jayne winning with a landslide victory of 76.8% of the vote, and therefore becoming the Empire's first Prime Minister. She appointed her opponent Sir Reginald as her Deputy PM, along with most of the first Cabinet, on the 1st of September.

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