Moderate Party (Adammia)

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Moderate Party
PresidentLord Helliker
Deputy LeaderLord Colonel Maguire
Founded18 July 2015
Dissolved5 October 2018
Merged intoLiberal-Moderate Party
HeadquartersSerkatia (unofficial)
Membership (2016)6
Political positionCentre-right
Ruling Council
1 / 10

The Moderate Party of Adammia was a major political party in the Empire of Adammia between 2015 and 2018. It was established by Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher in July 2015. Both the Emperor Mother, and later Lord Helliker, served as Moderate Prime Ministers. The party merged with the Liberal Party in October 2018, forming the Liberal-Moderate Party.


Emperor Mother Jayne established the party on 18 July 2015, several weeks before her third successful run to be elected Adammia's Prime Minister. HG Madam Julie Foster joined the party on 25 July 2015. On 23 July 2016, Lord Sir Andrew Hall became the party's third member. The Emperor Mother lost the 2016 National Election to Labour Party candidate Sir Paul McKenna, and she served as Leader of the Opposition for a time in 2017.

In November 2017, Sir Alex Helliker succeeded the Emperor Mother as the party's leader; around the same time, Colonel Sir Zak Maguire took up the position of the party's first deputy leader. Helliker won the November 2017 election, bringing the Moderates back into power. On 5 October 2018, Moderate Party members narrowly voted in favour of merging with the Liberal Party, thus forming the Liberal-Moderate Party.


Policy and ideology

Under Emperor Mother Jayne, the party's ideology was vague, and drew inspiration from a number of sources. The party promoted family values, giving it a slightly conservative slant, but it was for the most part very centrist. Most of the Emperor Mother's policies were based around the extended family of the House of Hall, promoting events such as barbecues and walks in the countryside, whilst not paying as much attention to the wider Empire.

Under Lord Helliker, the party's ideology became more focussed and serious, whilst moving in a liberal direction. It was said that by 2018, the party's ideology was almost identical to that of the Liberal Party, which is what prompted the two parties to merge. Helliker promoted policies of legal reform, establishing the court system and introducing marriage to Adammia. One of the party's most radical proposals was to transition the Treasury to crypto-currency, which was later quietly abandoned once in government.

Electoral results

Local elections

Election year Popular vote Vote percentage Seats
Count Of total
2015 4 28.6%
2 / 12
2016 4 33.3%
3 / 12
2017 (1) 2 25.0%
3 / 12
25.0% Steady
2017 (2) 4 23.5%
2 / 10

National Elections

Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote +/-
2015 12 57.1% N/A
2016 11 47.8% 9.3%
2017 (1) 9 37.5% 10.3%
2017 (2) 11 39.3% 1.8%

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