His Majesty's Imperial Treasury

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His Majesty's Imperial Treasury
Agency overview
Formed 26 April 2013
Jurisdiction Empire of Adammia
Headquarters Imperial City
Employees 2
Minister responsible Lord Michael, Minister of Finance
Agency executive Lord Colonel Hall, Treasurer
Parent department Ministry of Finance

His Majesty's Imperial Treasury, often referred to as the Treasury of Adammia, is a government agency in the Empire of Adammia which acts as the official store of the Imperial Government's financial assets. The physical box that contains these funds is found in White Gold Palace, Imperial City.

The agency is jointly managed by HG Sir Reginald Hall, the official Treasurer, and HIM Emperor Adam I. As of October 2019, the Treasury contains £59.


The Treasury box.

The Treasury is one of the oldest government bodies in Adammia, being originally established as the Treasury of Adammia on 26 April 2013, less than two weeks after the Empire was founded. Originally, it was located on the Command Desk in the Office of the Emperor, Primoria, and was managed completely by the Emperor. At this time, it contained little more than £2. Only poor records were kept of the income and expenditure.

In September 2013, the Treasury was handed over from the Office of the Emperor to the Ministry of Finance, upon the Ministry's creation by the Government Ministries Act 2013. Later that month, the Contributions Scheme was created to provide the Treasury with an income. To accomodate this, an Imperial Decree was issued, which gave the Treasury its current name - His Majesty's Imperial Treasury. This Decree moved the physical location of the Treasury from Primoria to Tytannia. In doing so, the balance of the Treasury was reset. This was the only point in its history that the Treasury contained no money. Since then, the Contributions Scheme has been bringing in a steady income, and low public spending has allowed the Treasury to run a budget surplus every month since October 2013.

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