Prime Minister of Adammia

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Prime Minister of the
Empire of Adammia
Juliano Saunders

since 22 October 2018
Term length One year
Inaugural holder HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher
Formation 30 June 2013
Salary None claimed

The Prime Minister of the Empire of Adammia is the head of that nation's executive branch, the Imperial Government. They are responsible for appointing government ministers out of the members of the Ruling Council. The Prime Minister must be a member of the Ruling Council, must be above the age of 12 and must not be the Monarch. They are elected in a National Election held once per year. The incumbent PM is Sir Juliano Saunders, who was elected in the 2018 National Election.

The Prime Minister is responsible for appointing the Ministers of each of the government's nine Ministries, who collectively with the Prime Minister form the Cabinet. The Prime Minister is also the head of the Cabinet Office, a government department responsible for assisting the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the Cabinet in their duties along with co-ordinating co-operation between other departments across the whole government. The Prime Minister can choose to either chair Cabinet meetings themselves or permit their Cabinet Secretary (the highest-ranking civil servant at the Cabinet Office) to do it for them.

Picture Name Province Political party Term Term start Term end Deputy PM Notes
HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher PM COA Maternia Independent 1 25 August 2013 10 August 2014 HG Sir Reginald Hall Elected in the 2013 National Election. Oversaw the first Foundation Day celebrations.
2 10 August 2014 16 August 2015 HG Madam Julie Foster Re-elected in the 2014 National Election.
Moderate 3 16 August 2015 18 August 2016 Re-elected in the 2015 National Election, as a Moderate Party candidate rather than an independent for the first time.
HG Sir Paul McKenna PM COA Maternia Labour 4 18 August 2016 12 August 2017 HG Sir Reginald Hall Elected in the 2016 National Election. First Labour Prime Minister. Successfully overturned Imperial Decree XLIV.
HIH Prince Jake PM Primoria Liberal 5 12 August 2017 19 November 2017 Elected in the August 2017 National Election. First Liberal Prime Minister. Oversaw the transition of central government from the old Yorkshire provinces to newer Birmingham provinces, and led a provisional Cabinet for much of this time.
HG Sir Alex Helliker
HG Lord Sir Alex Helliker PM KOV Serkatia Moderate 6 19 November 2017 22 October 2018 Lord General Panconi Elected in the November 2017 National Election.
Sir Juliano Saunders PM KM N/A Storm 7 22 October 2018 Incumbent TBA Elected in the 2018 National Election.

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