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The culture of the Empire of Adammia is primarily influenced by British culture, of which it is an offshoot. Adammia's territories are surrounded by the United Kingdom and most of its citizens are also British citizens. Other factors include Adammia's status as a micronation, which has given Adammic culture a number of eccentric qualities.

Adammic culture is particularly characterised by its media, and its relatively high number of independently-run YouTube channels means that it has more video entertainment outlets than almost any other micronation. Adammia has also developed its own tradition in heraldry and this has a significant role in Adammic culture.


Besides the United Kingdom, there are a number of other macronations, micronations and fictional nations which have influenced the development of Adammic culture. The Empire of Austenasia and the Federal Republic of St.Charlie are often cited as examples of micronational influences; for example, the former influenced the overall structure of the Empire's constitution, the Supreme Directive, whereas the latter was the inspiration for the practice of numbering terms of the legislature with roman numerals. Fictional sources of inspiration include the Septim Empire from the Elder Scrolls games - it is the source of the names of Imperial City and White Gold Palace.

A major influence during the early Empire was the Empire of the Great Adammia Islands, which was a fictional location created for a forum-based roleplaying strategy game known as Xanada vs. Sportica. Most obviously, this was the source of the Empire's name - at first, the Empire of Adammia was thought of as the "real-life Adammia". The Empire of the Great Adammia Islands was, in turn, inspired by the British Empire at the height of its naval superiority, as well as Star Wars' Galactic Empire. Emperor Adam I created the Great Adammia Islands and its leader, a character known as Grand Admiral Lord Adam Maximus, several months before founding the real-world Adammia; it was the members of the Ordo Vladius, who were all also players of Xanada vs. Sportica, who were the first people to hear about and join the Empire, which is one of the reasons why the Ordo is so highly valued and trusted by the Emperor. Xanada vs. Sportica ended years ago, and it no longer continues to influence the Empire, but its legacy lives on in the Empire's name and the Emperor's secondary title of Grand Admiral of the Adammic Navy, which was used by the leader of the Great Adammia Islands and was in turn inspired by the Star Wars character Grand Admiral Thrawn.


English is the official language of Adammia and is spoken by all of its citizens. This is because most citizens are from English-speaking macronations such as the United Kingdom, or from macronations where English is well-taught, such as the Netherlands. Some citizens, particularly members of the Ordo Vladius, are also fluent in other languages such as French and Dutch. Since most citizens were educated in the British education system, many have been taught the basics of French, German or Spanish. Latin plays a role as a ceremonial language, with its usage heavily promoted by the Monarchy. This is largely inspired by the Austenasian tradition of honouring the Roman Empire.

Most citizens of the Empire talk in a Yorkshire accent. It is the dominant accent of the Adammic Provinces, and can also be heard in some of the territories as well as in the colony of Alluria. Approximately 57% of the Empire's population are from Yorkshire and speak with this accent. Other accents include Geordie, which can be heard in Maternia. Due to its role as part of a hall of residence for the University of Birmingham, Alluria is home to a number of accents from around the UK, though Southern accents are the most common.


Adammia does not have much of a tradition in literature; although a number of citizens, including the Emperor, have written stories either as part of school work or as a hobbyist exercise, it is not believed that any Adammic citizen has ever had literature published by a macronational publisher. However, Emperor Mother Jayne has recieved acclaim from many within the Empire and elsewhere for her skill as an amateur poet.


Modern pop music is very popular in the Empire, much as in the UK. However, there is a much greater following for other forms of music than in the UK. Metal is popular amongst some members of the military and in the Ordo Vladius. Progressive rock is popular in Primoria. Classical music is also popular in Primoria and Maternia. Some forms of jazz are popular in Primoria.

The Eurovision Song Contest is particularly popular in Adammia. In 2019, Deputy Prime Minister Lord Maude, Duchess of Greater Tytannia Lady Thornton, and Army Chief-of-staff General Sir Alex Read travelled to Israel to attend the event in-person. Adammic honourary citizen Madam Alice Sutton COA is a noted Eurovision "superfan" who has been interviewed by the BBC's Eurovision branch.

Adammia also has its own small music industry. Sir Cavan Garfield, the governor of El Grandens, produces vaporwave music under the name "Succ", whose 2016 album of the same name was the first album to be produced in Adammia. A number of full and honourary Adammic citizens also have a history in music. Emperor Father Kevin, Emperor Mother Jayne, Lord Sir Andrew Hall and Sir Tom Bennett have all been part of brass bands (the Emperor Father as a conductor); the former two were also members of the small 1990s pop/rock band Isis (Andrew Hall was the lights operator for the said band). The Emperor Father is a proficient guitarist who played with a number of small bands in the 1980s which were the predecessors of Isis. He is now a guitar teacher and taught former Adammic Army corporal Michael Mellor, who is now a member of the metalcore band Goodbye Graceful. Meanwhile, the Emperor Mother spent some years in the folk band The Durbervilles after Isis disbanded.

There are two anthems associated with the Adammia. The main theme from the film Chariots of Fire is the national anthem. The Emperor's anthem, which is associated with the Monarch, is Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. The original national anthem was Sim Broadway from the soundtrack to SimCity 3000, and was replaced with Chariots of Fire following a referendum in March 2014.



Adammia has a national newspaper called the Adammic Express on Wordpress, which has been operating since the first week of the Empire's existence. The Adammic Express is written and edited completely by the Emperor. Though formerly very active, releasing a news summary once a week during the Empire's early days, it has since reduced its output significantly. Originally it was only available in an online format, but starting in 2015 it began creating a monthly physical edition which serves as a compilation of the more regular online articles.


The state's official broadcaster is Adammic Online Broadcasting, which uploads occasional videos and news segments from the Empire on YouTube. AOT is also operated exclusively by the Emperor. It is most notable for producing the annual Emperor's Christmas Broadcast, as well as recording the State Opening of Council, the Emperor's Foundation Day address, and the Emperor's Fabulous Quiz.

Adammia's most successful private YouTube channel is AB Animation Ltd., which is owned by Emperor Adam I. This channel predates Adammia and originally gained some success making Minecraft videos in 2012 and 2013, such as its Craftanium SMP series. Following its short series The Micronations Show, which was well-recieved in the micronational community, the channel became mostly inactive in 2014. It still uploads videos on occasion, mainly vlogs from each Insomnia Gaming Festival.

Other Adammic YouTube channels include JakeACake, owned by Prince Jake, which began life in 2014 making gaming videos and later vlogs, before changing its focus in 2017 to produce short films. Matties Gaming, owned by Sir Matthew Foster, has a similar story, but is currently inactive.

Visual arts

Adammia has several amateur artists. Colour drawings by Emperor Mother Jayne, such as the Kingfisher drawing, feature prominently in the Chambers of the Ruling Council. Adammia also has a National Gallery to feature artwork by Adammic citizens. Currently it contains work by Crown Prince Daniel, Madam Becky Spencer-Smith and Lady Madam Chloe Robertson.


Heraldry has become a key part of Adammic culture with every member of the Order of Adammia and the Ordo Vladius, Adammia's two chivalric orders, entitled to bear a coat of arms, alongside the Imperial Family. The Order of Adammia serves as the Empire's main honours system, whilst the Ordo Vladius is an independent entity aligned with Adammia, assisting the Emperor with ambassadorial and security concerns in exchange for full citizenship. The Order of Adammia dates from May 2013, the same time that the Ordo Vladius formed its alliance with Adammia.

Most members of the Order of Adammia are friends and family of the Emperor. Most people are inducted into the Order of Adammia in the Emperor's Birthday Honours List. There are two ranks within the Order, Knight/Dame and Knight/Dame Commander; there are over 60 members of the Order, of whom only around a dozen have been given the highest rank. Some members are not Adammic citizens; membership has been given to foreign leaders as a gift on occasion. The Monarch is the Sovereign of the Order of Adammia and grants membership at their own discretion.

Most Adammic coats of arms follow a common format with the individual's father's family represented in the top left, their mother's family represented in the bottom right, and the remaining two quarters available for something of their choosing.

National Parks

Adammia has one national park, the Jagstonian Plains National Park, alternatively known as the Winifred Hall Memorial National Park. It was created in November 2016.

Museums and libraries

Adammia does not have a permanent museum, but the Imperial Archive does hold a number of historical artefacts, such as Adammia's first flag, drawn on paper with coloured pencils. These artefacts are traditionally exhibited in a temporary museum in White Gold Palace on Foundation Day.


Taking honourary citizens into account, James is the most common first/middle name in Adammia, and Louise the most common female name.

Streets in Adammia are often named after families from which the locals are descended, famous micronationalists, or other people of significance, often in tribute following their deaths. The four streets in Watertopia are named after the four families from which the House of Hall is descended: Hall, Kelly, Boxall and Manns. Tytannia is home to Bates Street, named after Roy Paddy Bates of Sealand, whilst Norton Road is named after Emperor Norton. Horsley Road, in the Jagstonian Plains, is named after Emperor Adam I's late former headteacher, whilst Kilmister Square in Primoria is named after Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, of whom the Emperor was a fan.


Adammia is a strictly secular nation, this being a result of Article XII of the Supreme Directive. All religions must be treated equally under the law (as long as they do not "present any risk to the rights of other humans or national security or stability"). It is unknown if this has had any effect on the religious composition of the Empire. It is known that Emperor Adam I is an atheist and originally established atheism as the Empire's official religion, before later abandoning this and making the Empire completely secular without any official religion.

15 out of Adammia's 30 current citizens (50%) have given their religion as atheist, agnostic or "None", or have not given their religion for whatever reason. A further 10 (30.3%) gave their religion as the Church of England, 2 (6.7%) as Roman Catholic and a further 1 (3.3%) as simply Christian, putting the total Christian population at 13 (43.3%). 1 (3.3%) citizen simply gave "Theist", whereas 1 (3.3%) was categorised as "Other". The pattern of "no religion" compared to Christian groups roughly matches that of the United Kingdom; it is believed that, much like in the UK, many individuals who give their religion as something other than "no religion" do not actively practice their religion.

Despite the Empire's secular position and the religious apathy of most of its citizens, Christmas Day is celebrated as a national holiday, though in a mostly cultural rather than religious capacity. Christmas is celebrated much as it is the United Kingdom, with Christmas dinner and Christmas trees amongst the common features. The Emperor publishes his Christmas Broadcast on Christmas Day, a tradition largely derived from the Christmas broadcasts of Queen Elizabeth II. Each Christmas Broadcast typically addresses a specific theme, such as conflict and compromise, or the importance of family.


Adammic political culture revolves around the Ruling Council, the Empire's legislature, which meets in White Gold Palace. Collectively, the Ruling Council and the Monarch can pass legislation and together they are the Empire's highest authority. The executive Imperial Government is led by a directly-elected Prime Minister. This system is defined by the Empire's constitution, the Supreme Directive.

Adammia's three main parties are the Liberal Party, the Moderate Party and the Labour Party. Currently they hold 11 out of the Ruling Council's 12 seats between them; a coalition led by Liberal Prime Minister Prince Jake between the Liberals and Labour forms the current government, with the Moderates in opposition. Former Prime Ministers include Prince Jake's predecessor Sir Paul McKenna, and McKenna's predecessor, Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, who was a Moderate Prime Minister who was elected to three consecutive terms as the Empire's first ever Prime Minister. The Emperor Mother was a notably popular leader with a "common sense" approach who is known for organising events such as Foundation Day.

The dominant political figure of the Empire is Emperor Adam I, the founder of the Liberal Party. He is credited with founding the Empire, constructing its political system, and expanding its territory and population to where they are today. Sir Reginald Hall, the Labour Party's president, has a long career almost as long as the Emperor's, having been the Emperor's Chief Advisor since the Empire's very early days and later became Minister of Finance. The Empire's oldest citizen, he is highly well-regarded as an elder statesman by his fellow politicians from all parties. Liberal backbencher Sir Christopher Hall has a reputation as a maverick who often questions the Emperor's decisions, which is in stark contrast to the rest of the Council's members, who normally back the vast majority of the Emperor's proposals.

For the most part, Adammia is notable for its high levels of political apathy, something which pervades many parts of the United Kingdom. Most citizens do not have any allegience to any particular British political party, and some of them don't vote at all in British elections. Exceptions to this include Emperor Adam I, a member of the Liberal Democrats who stood for election to Wakefield Council in 2016, and Lord Sir Euan Carey, a member of the Conservative Party. Both Carey and Colonel Sir Will McCracken were active in the campaign for the UK to leave the European Union. Voter turnout is high in Adammic elections, though it is believed that this is because citizens are prompted to vote, rather than having to actively go out to vote as in the UK.


Cuisine in the Empire of Adammia does not largely differ from British cuisine. Scones are known for being especially popular in Adammia and they are occasionally home-baked in Maternia; there have been suggestions that scones could become the official national cuisine. Maternia also creates its own Yorkshire puddings.

Wine is a popular alcoholic drink in Adammia and Capital Brewery Ltd.'s wine-making operations in Imperial City are a cornerstone of the Adammic economy. Capital Brewery also makes its own beer. In addition, many Adammic citizens are associated with a particular beverage that they are known to be fond of. Emperor Adam I's taste for fruity ciders such as Strongbow Dark Fruit is well-known, and former Prime Minister Sir Paul McKenna is known to enjoy single-malt whiskey. Adammia's current Prime Minster Sir Alex Helliker is reportedly fond of Guinness, whilst Leader of the Opposition Admiral Ems Simpson is a noted fan of the Long Island Iced Tea.


The Empire's current national sport is Esports. The national sport has been changed twice in the past - first it was Fencing, then Auto racing. Despite this, Adammia has never hosted sporting events for any of these sports nor any other sports.

Many Adammic citizens are sports fans. A number of British football teams are popular in Adammia, most notably Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle United; rugby and Formula One also have smaller followings. The Grand National often coincides with Foundation Day and it is Adammic tradition to watch the horse race on TV in Imperial Square as part of the Foundation Day celebrations.

Esports was chosen as a national sport primarily due to the fact that video games are very popular amongst younger citizens of the Empire, with games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Overwatch. Although organised tournements are yet to appear, there does exist an Adammic Esports Association with the intent of organising such things in the future. Video games play a key role culturally, with many of Adammia's younger citizens and honourary citizens often coming together at gaming LAN events such as the Insomnia Gaming Festival, Epic.LAN and StratLAN. These events form one of the main social settings for groups of Adammic citizens beyond the Empire's borders.


Several Adammic households have pets. Perhaps Adammia's most well-known pets are the two Billys: the first being a lurcher owned by Emperor Mother Jayne who acts as the mascot of the Adammic Army, and the second being a cockatiel owned by Sir Reginald Hall who lives in the Chamber of the Ruling Council in White Gold Palace.


Examples of running jokes or memes which have emerged in certain sections of Adammic society are given below:

  • Birdmen: In November 2015, Prince Jake took a photograph of a beach at Filey and jocularly claimed that several blurry, distant figures in the photograph were humanoid "birdmen". The purported existence of Birdmen soon became a running joke between Prince Jake, the Emperor and Emperor Mother Jayne. Birdmen are seen as a satirical take on the Lizard People conspiracy theory.
  • When the Stillness Comes: Prince Jake and Emperor Mother Jayne maintain that the song When the Stillness Comes from Slayer's 2015 album Repentless is a particularly bad song, or maybe even one of the worst songs ever. Others, such as the Emperor and Lord Sir Andrew Hall, have defended the song.
  • Winning Eurovision: Every year, the Emperor will facetiously claim that Adammia has won the Eurovision Song Contest on his personal Twitter account.
  • No-state solution: Adammia, not wishing to take a side in the Israel-Palestine conflict, refused to recognise either Israel or Palestine, something which Prime Minister Lord Saunders jocularly called a "no-state solution".

National costume and dress

Clothing and fashion in Adammia follows fairly relaxed modern Western tradition. Some Adammic citizens, however, have notably fashioned their own, individualistic look. Emperor Adam I is particularly well-known for this with his top hat; at formal state occasions such as the State Opening of Council, the Emperor can be seen wearing his full imperial regalia, consisting of a tuxedo with a black bow tie, his top hat and a cane. The distinctive sight of the Emperor wearing full regalia whilst giving speeches is frequently associated with the Empire itself. Other examples include Sir Reginald Hall, whose practice of almost always wearing a grey jumper has been the subject of many jokes, and Sir Alex Helliker with his trademark trench coat.

State symbols


The National Flag of the Empire of Adammia consists of a green circle on a blue background. The flag has been associated with the micronation since the day the Empire was founded, 13 April 2013. Designed by Emperor Adam I, it was formally adopted when the original Supreme Directive was ratified on 19 April 2013 and has remained unchanged ever since, although it now derives its status from Imperial Decree III after the article referring to it was removed from the original Supreme Directive by its First Amendment. Decree III states that in order to change the national flag, a replacement design would have to win support in a national referendum.

In August 2013, Emperor Mother Jayne purchased fabric which was used by both herself and Emperor Adam I to sew the first fabric Adammic flag, which was completed in November 2013. This flag is still in use to this day in Imperial City, usually flying over Imperial Square from a window on the upper floor of White Gold Palace when the Emperor is present, and kept in storage when he is not; in this way it acts as a sort of Imperial Standard.

Other symbols

The state animal is the Meerkat which appears on the Coat of Arms. The present Coat of Arms was produced by Emmanouil Tsompanoglou of the Ashukov Federation and in March 2014 replaced an earlier design by Emperor Adam I. The full blazon of the present Coat of Arms is:

Party per pale Vert two swords palewise crossed Argent with hilts Gules, and Azure the side sinister of a nine leafed twig Vert; for a Crest, the Holy Roman Imperial Crown modified with sides Or; for Supporters, two meerkats rampant; Motto "IMPERIVM ADAMMIAE" below the shield and motto "Quaerentibus sapientiam et honorem" below the first motto.