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The legislature is a branch of the running of a nation with the power over legislation. The enacting and alteration of laws is the main duty of a legislature, but it may also be required to perform other tasks such as the election of the head of state, executive or government. Legislatures are usually unicameral (consisting of one chamber) or bicameral (consisting of two chambers), however, rarely, they are tricameral (consisting of three chambers).

In most bicameral systems, the lower house, despite its description of being "below" the upper house, is almost always the most powerful of the two chambers and almost always wholly elected. The upper house, meanwhile, is usually smaller, more restricted in power and designed to be a more deliberative body, and can be either directly elected (e.g. Australian Senate), indirectly elected (e.g. Indian Rajya Sabha), wholly appointed (e.g. Canadian Senate), a mixture of appointed and elected (e.g. Belgian Senate prior to 2014), or consist of members who hold seats by virtue of their position in society (e.g. hereditary and religious peers in the British House of Lords). These can hold office for a fixed term or, rarely, for life.

In countries with federal systems, it is common for the upper house to represent specific geographic areas, often equally in spite of population differences. This is the case for the United States Senate, where each state, regardless of population, returns 2 senators.

Legislatures can are known by many names. Names such as National Assembly, Congress and Parliament are most common. Likewise, there are many names for the individual Houses of the legislature. Senate is the most common name for an Upper House. Unicameral legislatures and lower Houses tend to have names such as Assembly, House of Representatives of Chamber of Deputies. Names are often related to the country, for example the prefix Bundes- (meaning "federal") is used in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, whilst the word Majlis (meaning "council") is common in Islamic countries.

List of micronational legislatures

Nation Type Lower House Upper House Middle House
Aariania Flag.png Aariania Unicameral Grand Council N/A
Abeldane flag.jpg Abelden Unicameral Reichsversammlung N/A
AdammiaFlag.png Adammia Unicameral Ruling Council N/A
Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasia Unicameral House of Representatives N/A
Scotland (1) 266x128.png Alba Unicameral Parliament of the Republic of Alba N/A
SIABandiera.png Most Serene Empire of Azzurria Unicameral Light Blue Commission of the Most Serene Empire of Azzurria N/A
Bascal flag.jpg Bascal Unicameral Parliament of Bascal N/A
Kaznian flag.png Cheslovia Unicameral Musorov Kremlin N/A
Flag of Choseon.png Choseon Bicameral House of Representatives House of Councillors N/A
Coleraine flag.png Coleraine Tricameral House of Commons House of Lords N/A
Flag of the Dale Republic Dale Republic Bicameral Dale Montering Woking Council N/A
Flag new.png Kingdom of The Danube Unicameral N/A Danubine Parlement N/A
Flag of Deseret Deseret Unicameral Quorum of the Twelve Apostles N/A
EniarkuFlag-Ukr2010.png Eniarku Unicameral National People's Congress N/A
Vlag.jpg Flandrensis Unicameral Parliament N/A
FSEIO flag.jpg East Indian Ocean Bicameral United EIO Congress House of Our Future N/A
Flag of Florenia.jpg Florenia Unicameral Parliament of Florenia N/A
Larger flag.png Francisville Unicameral Chamber of Deputies N/A
bordder Indokistan Unicameral National Forum N/A
Flag-of-Juclandia.png Juclandia Bicameral Assembly of Deputies Council of State N/A
Flag of Kirkland.jpg Kirkland Bicameral House of Commons House of Lords N/A
Klaise.png Klaise Tricameral Deilweid Schandleire Council of State Autocrats County Caucuses
Antarctico londaise.png Landashir Unicameral Landashir'n Government N/A
Flag Of Lbp.gif Los Bay Petros Bicameral National Legislative Court National Cabinet N/A
Mallanor Flag.png Mallanor Bicameral Senate House of Commons N/A
Marland national flag.png Marland Bicameral National Council Council of the Sea N/A
Flag of Munkkia.jpg Munkkia Unicameral Council of Munkkia N/A
Flag of Namayan.png Namayan Unicameral Royal Assembly N/A
Flag of Nedland - 3.png Nedland Unicameral Great Kurultay N/A
Flag of New Anglia.png New Anglia Unicameral Royal Council N/A
Flagv3.png New Europe Bicameral Imperial Diet Imperial Council N/A
Flag of New Israel2.png New Israel Unicameral Imperial Congress N/A
Azerty.png Occitania Unicameral Vergadering N/A
Paravia.png Paravia Bicameral Chamber of Delegates Imperial Council N/A
Flag of PAL.png Princess Anne Land Unicameral House of Representatives N/A
Prsanea Flag.png Prsänëa Unicameral Council of Ministers N/A
Flagv3.png Ruthenia Bicameral Council of State General Assembly N/A
Flag of Sabia and Verona.png Sabia and Verona Unicameral Parliament N/A
Secundomia Official Flag.jpg Secundomia Tricameral The Citizen's Council The Cabinet
Kingdom of Shorewell Flag.jpg Shorewell Bicameral Senate Chamber of Deputies N/A
Andersonian Flag.png Sirocco Unicameral Siroccan Executive N/A
Flag stcharlie.png St.Charlie Unicameral St.Charlian Parliament N/A
Flag of the United Federation of Thag.svg Thag Unicameral Citizen Thection N/A
Uberflag.jpg Überstadt Unicameral Parliament of Überstadt N/A
Uiopp.png Usian Republic Tricameral House of People's Representatives State Council Senate
Flag of Vladislavia.svg Vladislavia Unicameral Rixdag N/A
Flagofrwa.jpg West Antarctica Unicameral National Assembly N/A
Westlandianflag.jpg Westland Unicameral Duna Westlandes N/A
Vlag 2.png Wyvern Unicameral Senate of Wyvern N/A
dank flag 2 copy.png Whestcorea Tricameral Congress House of Patricians Senate
Zealandian Flag (2016).png Zealandia Unicameral People's Assembly N/A
Converted file 85da357d.png The Republic of Alexostan Unicameral Alexostanian senate N/A