Red Green Alliance

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Red Green Alliance
PresidentLord Thompson
Founded18 July 2015 (as the Labour Party)
Dissolved8 September 2021
HeadquartersSheaffia (unofficial)
Membership (2021)5
IdeologySocialism, Environmentalism
Political positionLeft-wing
ColorsRed, Green
House of Citizens
3 / 13
Ruling Council
4 / 11

The Red Green Alliance (RGA), formerly known as the Labour Party, was a political party in the Empire of Adammia. Labour was established by Lord Sir Reginald Hall on 18 July 2015. The party rose to prominence in 2016, when its candidate Lord Paul McKenna was elected as Prime Minister. The party's support collapsed in 2017 and it became dormant until June 2018, when it was revived by Lord Sam Maude, who became Deputy Prime Minister. After the leadership of the party was assumed by Billy Thompson in September 2019, he renamed it to the Red Green Alliance. It then spent a year in opposition, before joining the Second Saunders Cabinet in 2020. In September 2021, Thompson resigned as party leader, and the party collapsed shortly afterwards.


Labour Party

The foundation of the Labour Party on 18 July 2015 was seen as something as a surprise, as Sir Reginald Hall had been expected to join Emperor Mother Jayne's newly-founded Moderate Party. The party went on to see considerable success during the late First Era, controlling 4 out of 12 Ruling Council seats following the 2016 local elections, when Eleanor Hall gained Myway from the Liberal Party's Debbie Shaw. The party's prime ministerial candidate, Sir Paul McKenna, lost the 2015 national election to Emperor Mother Jayne, but won in 2016, becoming the first and only Labour Prime Minister.

The party performed poorly in the August 2017 national election, slipping into third place. Following the government transition to the new Birmingham provinces at the start of the Second Era, the party failed to recruit any new members and lost all of its Ruling Council representation, causing widespread belief that it had been all but eliminated as a mainstream political party. However, Lord Sir Sam Maude joined the party in June 2018, offering it a lifeline. Sir Reginald Hall finally stepped down as party president in September 2018, making way for Lord Maude.

Under Maude, the party adopted a more radical agenda, echoing the demands of the recently-founded Storm Party for constitutional reform, whilst distancing itself from some of Storm's more controversial policies. Maude came third in the 2018 national election, with 17.1% of the vote. He was subsequently formed a coalition government with the Storm Party and was appointed by Lord Saunders as Deputy Prime Minister and as Minister of Foreign Affairs. During his term, Maude often acted as a voice of compromise between the Storm Party and the opposition Liberal-Moderates.


Maude was the sole active voice of Labour until Billy Thompson joined the party, and Maude handed the party leadership over to him in September 2019. Several days later, Thompson rebranded the party as the Red Green Alliance, adopting a more hardline left-wing stance as well as an environmentalist position, becoming the first political party in Adammia to call for the nation to declare a climate emergency. Alongside Thompson and Maude, former Nuclear So-and-so Party leader Lady Ems Simpson joined the party, returning to Adammic politics. In the first general election to the House of Citizens, the RGA won three seats, the same number as the Storm Party. However, the Storm Party was considered the official opposition as it had attained a higher share of the popular vote.

In the 2020 general election campaign, the RGA dropped most of its hardline anti-monarchy policies and adopted a novelty platform revolving around Christmas. Lady Sophie Thornton, Thompson's then-partner, defected to the RGA from the Liberal-Moderates. It managed to retain three seats in the House (the party's third candidate, Lady Simpson, beat the Liberal-Moderate fifth candidate, Sir Ned Hilton, by a knife-edge). Through its dominance in the provinces of Llanadda and Sheaffia, the party also formed a large contingent of four on the Ruling Council. It subsequently formed a coalition government with the Independent Party and the Storm Party. Thompson became Deputy Prime Minister (and the government's chief spokesperson on the Ruling Council), Thornton became Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Simpson became Minister of Memes, later renamed Minister of Social Engagement and Joy.

Despite being in a strong position in government, the RGA achieved little during its final term. Lord Thompson famously announced a slate of radical government policies at a virtual Ruling Council meeting in December 2020 without consulting any of the other coalition parties; none of these policies were ever put into practice. Furthermore, the party's promised Christmas celebrations never took place. On 7 September 2021, as the term was coming to an end, Lord Thompson resigned as Deputy Prime Minister, as an MP and as the RGA's leader. The remaining RGA MPs - Ladies Thornton and Simpson - were invited by the Office of State to choose a new party president, but the following day they instead opted to dissolve the party, and it was struck from the register shortly thereafter.

The Red Green Alliance, including its prior phase as the Labour Party, currently holds the record for having produced the most Deputy Prime Ministers in Adammia.


Electoral results

Local elections

Election year Popular vote Vote percentage Seats
Count Of total
2015 2 14.3%
2 / 12
2016 3 25.0%
4 / 12
2017 (1) 2 25.0% Steady
4 / 12
33.3% Steady
2017 (2) Did not contest
0 / 10
2018 1 7.7%
1 / 10
2019 - -
2 / 9
2020 - -
4 / 11

General Elections

Election year First preferences Total score Score percentage Seats
Count Of total
2019 4 8.57 18.9%
3 / 13
2020 6 8.23 15.9%
3 / 13
23.1% Steady

National Elections

Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote +/-
2015 9 42.9% 42.9
2016 12 52.2% 9.3
2017 (1) 4 16.7% 35.5
2017 (2) Did not contest
2018 6 17.1% 17.1

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