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In the Empire of Adammia, the Nobility are individuals who hold hereditary titles assigned to a subdivision of the Empire. The nobility is structured with the Monarch at the top of a hierarchy, followed by the Archdukes/Archduchesses of Regions, the Dukes/Duchesses of Provinces and the Governors of Colonies, the Counts/Countesses of Counties, and the Barons/Baronesses of any smaller subdivisions. The appointment of Archdukes/Archduchesses is made by the Monarch and the Ruling Council. Dukes/Duchesses may be appointed by their appropriate Archduke/Archduchess with the consent of the Monarch and the Council, Counts/Countesses may be appointed by their appropriate Duke/Duchess with the consent of their appropriate Archduke/Archduchess, and so forth.

The only level of the nobility to hold any substantial influence is that of the Dukes and Duchesses, who represent their Province on the Ruling Council and make up half of their Province's Local Government alongside the elected Councilor of the Province. Although the titles of nobility are hereditary by default, the Monarch and the Ruling Council frequently change the appointed nobles to balance the composition of the Council and prevent members from holding multiple seats. For example, after the 2014 local elections, the Duke of Primoria was changed by Imperial Decree XXVIII from Crown Prince Daniel to Prince Jake following the election of the Crown Prince as Councilor of Primoria.

Currently, only the regional and provincial levels of nobility are clearly defined. Counties currently only exist in the Province of Tytannia, whereas the title of Baron/Baroness tends to be assigned to arbitrary small subdivisions of land such as cities (as is the case with Adamsville).

Archdukes and Archduchesses

Dukes and Duchesses

Counts and Countesses

Lord Mayors, Lady Mayors, Barons and Baronesses

Colonial Governors

  • Duke of Myway - HG Lord Sir Christopher Hall

Territorial Governors

Nobles in order of precedence

  1. HIM Emperor Adam I, as Emperor of Adammia
  2. Lord Hall, as Archduke of North Adammia
  3. Lord Helliker, as Archduke of South Adammia
  4. Lord Hall, as Duke of Myway
  5. Lord General Panconi, as Duke of Alluria
  6. Lord Commodore Daniels, as Duke of Greater Tytannia
  7. Lord Colonel Maguire, as Duke of Serkatia
  8. Lord Gurr, as Duke of Paternia
  9. Lord Patrick Vladek, as Grand Master of the Ordo Vladius
  10. HIH Prince Jake, as Count of Primoria
  11. HIH Emperor Mother Jayne, as Countess of Tytannia
  12. Lord McKenna, as Count of Maternia
  13. Lady Foster, as Countess of Watertopia
  14. HIH Emperor Father Kevin, as Lord Mayor of Adamsville
  15. Lord Hall, as Baron of Tytannia Ulterior
  16. Lord Hall, as Baron of Sapientia
  17. Lord General Crossland, as Baron of the Imperial Plains
  18. Lady Robertson, as Baroness of the Jebediah Hills
  19. Lord Campbell, as Baron of the Tytannia Highlands
  20. Lord Foster, as Lord Mayor of Attenborough

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