Emperor Father Kevin of Adammia

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His Imperial Highness, Emperor Father
Coat of arms of Adammia
Minister of Defence
In office
1 September 2013 – 24 November 2013
MonarchsAdam I
Prime MinisterEmperor Mother Jayne
Preceded byPosition created
Succeeded byEmperor Adam I
Duke of the Imperial Province
In office
4 May 2013 – 23 November 2013
MonarchAdam I
Preceded byPosition created
Succeeded byCrown Prince Daniel
Lord Mayor of Adamsville
Assumed office
4 December 2013
MonarchAdam I
Preceded byPosition created
Born3 August 1965 (1965-08-03) (age 58)
SpouseJayne Marie Hall (divorced)
Kevin Belcher
Citizenship United Kingdom
EthnicityWhite British
ResidencesImperial Household, Adamsville, Primoria

His Imperial Highness Emperor Father Kevin "Kev" Belcher KCM is the current head of the House of Belcher and the Lord Mayor of Adamsville. He was formerly the first Minister of Defence of the Empire of Adammia and Duke of the Adammic Imperial Province (now Primoria).

Non-micronational life

Emperor Father Kevin's personal coat of arms

Kevin Belcher was born to Kenneth Belcher and Patricia Belcher (née Brown) on 3 August 1965. After dropping out of school as early as possible, he spent many years as part of various pop / rock bands, for which he was a guitarist; he also played in brass bands where he met Jayne Hall, who he married in 1994. Belcher and Hall were both members of the pop / rock band Isis, where Hall played the bass guitar.

Belcher spent some years working for Parcel Force, before quitting in order to raise his three children: Adam (b. 1998), Daniel (b. 1999), and Jake (b. 2004), whilst Jayne continued to work as a psychiatric nurse. Belcher moved from playing in brass bands to conducting, and was able to conduct his band, Knottingley Silver Band, on one occasion at the Royal Albert Hall.[1] For a few years around the turn of the millennium, Kevin was a director of a short-lived music recording company, Belburn Music Ltd., which specialised in recording brass bands; he ran this company alongside his brother-in-law, Andrew Hall, and his friend Mark Stainburn.

In 2009, Kevin and Jayne split up; they would later formally divorce in 2016. In 2006, he was forcibly removed from Knottingley Band, and spent some years conducting Driglington Brass Band. He then spent several years conducting Crofton Silver Band, before eventually returning to Knottingley towards the end of 2014.[2] Now raising his sons as a single father, he became officially self-employed, and began teaching the guitar (one of his students included former Adammic Army corporal Michael Mellor, who has since gone on to join various local rock bands such as Goodbye Graceful). He spent some years working with his former brother-in-law Andrew Hall to form a guitar-piano duo, but this project was quietly abandoned.

Kevin is a fan of flight simulator games, as well as first-person shooter games, particularly the Far Cry series.

Micronational career

Belcher's eldest son Adam founded the Empire of Adammia in April 2013, and he allowed their house to become the Adammic Imperial Province. He was appointed Duke of this province on 4 May 2013, which would later make him a member of the Ruling Council, though he was completely inactive in this regard and the only meeting he ever attended was one which happened to take place in the Imperial Household. Despite this, when Emperor Mother Jayne was elected Prime Minister in August 2013, she appointed him as Minister of Defence. However, after continued inactivity, he was replaced as Duke of the Adammic Imperial Province by his son Crown Prince Daniel on 24 November 2013, following the merge of Tytannia and Sapientia. This also meant he could no longer be Minister of Defence, and he was replaced in this office by Emperor Adam I.

On 4 December 2013, the Emperor Father was appointed Baron of Adamsville (later renamed to Lord Mayor by the Counties and Municipalities Act 2017). He continues to have very little interest in Adammia.



His Imperial Highness Emperor Father Kevin Belcher, Lord Mayor of Adamsville, Knight Commander of the Order of the Meerkat


Emperor Father Kevin of Adammia
Born: 3 August 1965
Noble titles
Preceded by
Title established
Duke of the Adammic Imperial Province
4 May 2013 - 24 November 2013
Succeeded by
HIH Crown Prince Daniel
Preceded by
Title established
(as Baron)
Lord Mayor of Adamsville
4 December 2013 - present
Succeeded by
Political offices
Preceded by
Office established
Minister of Defence
1 September 2013 - 24 November 2013
Succeeded by
HIM Emperor Adam I
Other offices
Preceded by
Ian Colley

Dr. Owen Wedgwood
Musical Director of Knottingley Silver Band
1997 - 2006
2014 - present
Succeeded by
Robin Morgan

Preceded by
Shane Foster
Musical Director of Drighlington Brass Band
2006 - 2009
Succeeded by
Jim Davies
Preceded by
Tim Sidwell
Musical Director of Crofton Silver Band
2011 - 2014
Succeeded by
Dean Jones


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