Adammic Imperial Space Agency

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Adammic Imperial Space Agency

Motto Ad Imperium Astra
Establishment 9 February 2014
Jurisdiction Ministry of National Development and Culture
Director-Administrator Emperor Adam I
Headquarters Imperial City
Affliation Empire of Adammia
Next Planned Launch N/A
Flights 1
Current Program
  • Project Andromeda
Aims N/A
Employees 2
Website [1]

The Adammic Imperial Space Agency, commonly referred to as AISA, is the official space agency of the Empire of Adammia. It was created by the Space Program Act on 9 February 2014. It is a child agency of the Ministry of National Development and Culture, and it is led by the agency's Director-Administrator.

AISA ran the Andromeda Program from 2014 to 2015, which was meant to provide the agency with experience in handling model rockets. After months of technical issues and two aborted missions, the Andromeda 3 mission was the first successful launch of an AISA spacecraft in October 2014. Currently, the agency is considered to be inactive. There are plans to bring the agency back to activity, but these have been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Project Andromeda

Project Andromeda, also known as the Andromeda Program, was AISA's original rocket program, intended to give AISA basic experience with launching and recovering model rockets. Four missions took place, only one of which was considered successful. Andromeda 1 was the first launch attempt of the Agency's Estes Alpha III rocket on 12 April 2014, part of the Foundation Day weekend celebrations. Andromeda 1 was a failure with the rocket engines refusing to ignite, presumably due to the light rain. It was followed by the Andromeda 2 mission on 21 June 2014, which was also a failure.

Studies showed that the rocket igniters failed to activate. Based on suggestions from Wheelspin Models, the suppliers of the rocket equipment, a new battery was acquired for the ignition system. After it was proven that the system would now work, the Andromeda 3 mission was carried out on 26 October 2014. This was the first successful rocket launch, however, the parachute failed to deploy resulting in the rocket being irrepairably damaged. More igniters and a new rocket were needed before the agency could attempt a fourth mission.

In 2015, a new Alpha III rocket was purchased from Wheelspin, and it was quickly assembled in anticipation of the imminent visit from Adammia's first ever tourist, Jonny Blair. The Andromeda 4 mission took place on 18 October 2015, observed by Blair, and it was intended to demonstrate that AISA was capable of recovering rockets undamaged, in addition to launching them. However, the rocket again failed to launch, due to reasons unknown; it was initially suspected that the batteries for the ignition system had run dry after a year in storage, but subsequent tests showed that the ignition system was still functional. Despite plans to continue the program, Project Andromeda was effectively shelved in 2016 as creeping government inactivity set in. Project Andromeda was never officially cancelled, but it is now widely considered to be over.


Name Image Launch vehicle Engine type Launch date Launch location Aim Status / outcome Notes
Andromeda 1 Estes Alpha III A8-3 12 April 2014 Jagstonian Plains To launch a model rocket successfully Failed; launch aborted Rocket did not launch after 3 attempts, presumably caused by the light rain.
Andromeda 2 Estes Alpha III A8-3 21 June 2014 Jagstonian Plains To launch a model rocket, rectifying the errors of Andromeda 1 Failed; launch aborted Rocket did not launch after several attempts. Intense scrutiny of the launch equipment has shown that the igniters or launch controller could be defective.
Andromeda 3 Estes Alpha III A8-3 26 October 2014 Jagstonian Plains To launch a model rocket, rectifying the errors of the previous two missions Partial success; rocket damaged Rocket launched successfully and performed well. However, the parachute failed to properly deploy and the rocket was irrepairably damaged upon hitting the ground.
Andromeda 4 Estes Alpha III A8-3 18 October 2015 Jagstonian Plains To launch a model rocket and safely recover it. Failed; launch aborted Rocket did not launch after 3 attempts. The cause is currently unknown. Mission was observed by travel writer Jonny Blair.

Weather Office

The Government Ministries and Agencies Act 2023 required AISA to set up a Weather Office, which inherits the responsibilities of the Adammic Weather Office, a former independent government agency.

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