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Colony of the Empire of Adammia

Leeds, UK
CapitalTuring (de-facto)
Founded15 November 2020
GovernorEmperor Adam I

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Lagentia is a colony of the Empire of Adammia. It is located at the residence of Emperor Adam I in Kirkstall. It is 221m² in size and has one permanent resident.


Lagentia is named after the nearby site of the Roman fort of Lagentium in modern-day Castleford.


The north of Lagentia is dominated by the city of Turing, the de-facto capital of the colony. The south is mostly empty grassland, which slopes upwards towards its southernmost point, which is known as Bain Hill.


  • Turing is named after Alan Turing, the father of computer science. Emperor Adam I studied computer science at university.
    • Randouler Way, a footpath which connects the east border crossing to Turing, is named after young micronationalist Nicholas Randouler, Prince of Posaf, who passed away in 2020.
    • Armstrong Square is named for Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon.
    • Asquith House, home to the Office of the Emperor, is named after H. H. Asquith, a British Prime Minister belonging to the Liberal Party (the predecessor of the modern Liberal Democrats, of which the Emperor is a member). Genealogical research has resulted in speculation that Asquith may have been a very distant relation of the House of Belcher.
  • Bain Hill is named after John "TotalBiscuit" Bain, a prominent British video games critic, who passed away in 2018. Emperor Adam I has cited Bain as an influence on his public speaking style.

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