Nicholas Randouler

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Nicholas Randouler
5th Higher Lord of Posaf
In office
January 16, 2019 - May 16, 2019
Predecessor Andy Irons
Successor Jenna MacRonn
1st President of Verus
Assumed office
January 5, 2019 - Incubment
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office destablished
President of the MOF
In office
January 7th – August 22nd, 2018 - August 4th - Incubment
Predecessor Office established
Successor Matthew Salzer
Born Cincinnati, Ohio, US
Citizenship US Flag.png American
Posafgov.png Posaf
Abeldane flag.jpg Abelden
Nationality US Flag.png American
Political party Republican Party - USA
Conservative Party - Posaf
Populares- Abeldane
Religion Nondenominational Christian

Early life

Micronational career


One of the founders. 5th and 7th Higehr Lord of Posaf. He is 15.


Ran for Vorsitzender twice. Lost against Liberty Front nominee Edward Daniels both times.


Other micronations

Personal political views