Nicholas Randouler

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Nicholas Randouler
Randouler in 2020
4th Prince of Posaf
In office
January 16, 2020 - 3 June 2020
Predecessor Prince Henry II
Successor Unknown
5th and 7th Higher Lord of Posaf
In office
January 16, 2019 - May 16, 2019
Predecessor Andy Irons
Successor Jenna MacRonn
In office
September 16, 2019 - January 16, 2020
Predecessor Jenna MacRonn
Successor Courtney Annalou
GUM Secretariat for Diplomacy and Recruitment
In office
February 10, 2019 - July 7, 2019
GUM Chair Adam I of Adammia
Predecessor Office established
Successor Aaron Green
In office
January 11, 2020 - 3 June 2020
GUM Chair Thomas I
Predecessor Mike Lewis
Successor Vacant
35th Stellvertreter of Abelden
In office
April 1, 2020 - June 3, 2020
Emperor Newton I
Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick
Predecessor Nick Kaos
Successor Vacant
Later James Frisch
Personal information
Born 15 December 2004
Cincinnati, Ohio
Died 3 June 2020(2020-06-03) (aged 15)
University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Ohio
Citizenship US Flag.png United States
Posafgov.png Posaf
Abeldane flag.jpg Abelden
Nationality US Flag.png American
Political party Republican Party - USA
Conservative - Posaf
Populares- Abeldane
Caudonian Front - Caudonia
Residence City of Mae, Posaf
Religion Nondenominational Christian

Nicholas Randouler (15 December 2004 - 3 June 2020), known as Prince Nicholas I in Posaf, was a micronationalist best known for being one of the founders of the Principality of Posaf and serving as its fourth Prince. He was also active in Abelden, where he reached the office of Stellvertreter, and was intermittently active in Iustus, Millania and Essexia. In Posaf he also served as its Minister of Foreign Relations, making him its main diplomatic representative, and its delegate to the Grand Unified Micronational, where he served as Secretary of Diplomacy and Recruitment and established the GUM Sister Cities project. He was formerly Mayor of the City of Mae. Randouler is credited for much of the development in the cultural, economic, and political spheres of Posaf. He was influential in the politics in Posaf, as he was one of the founders of the Conservative Party (which has never lost a federal election), and served as Higher Lord twice.

In Abelden he served as a Member of Parliament in 2018. On 28 March 2020, he was elected Stellvertreter with 61.76% of the vote.[1] Randouler also appointed Grand Duke of Alexander in March 2020. He was an active citizen in Essexia and ran for Parliament but lost in the election. He was the only American in the nation. Randouler was semi-active in Iustus, formerly leading the Faire Party and in Millania, he served as a member of the Conservative Party. Nicholas was an active member of the MicroWiki community making edits, and chatted in the MicroWiki@Discord very often. By the time of his death in June 2020 he was considered one of the most influential figures in the MicroWiki community.

Early life and education

Nicholas was born in December 2004 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nicholas was American but had roots to the United Kingdom and the Mucogee Creek Native Americans. He grew up in a middle class family. Nicholas regularly attended a Nondenominational church.

Micronational career


Randouler was one of the founders of Posaf and served as its Prince from January 2020 to June 2020.


In March 2018, Randouler became a citizen of Abelden. Within days of joining Abelden, Nick Kaos abdicated the throne as Abelden was falling into inactivity. Early on, Randouler did not give Abelden his full attention and rather used it on Posaf and the Micronational Olympic Federation. After time he did become more active and was approached by Stephen Freayth to join the National Federalists which he did. He later became a member of parliament and in the cabinet. However, Randouler later resigned due to him taking a break from micronations and having to use Skype and not Discord.

Around three weeks later he returned full-time and stood for Die Rechte (now Populares) in the June 2018 federal election and earned a seat in the Reichsversammlung. During his tenure in the Reichsversammlung, he mainly stayed low and voted on bills. He was appointed to the First Freayth Cabinet as Generalmememarschall. He was elected again in September. He continued to keep staying low in the Reichsversammlung but was not appointed to the Second Freayth Ministry. In the December federal election he decided to run for Vorsitzender with Die Rechte. During his campaign, he maintained to be popular within the party and some other voters. He was the only Die Rechte candidate to win a national poll by L'Sydunche. However, he did lose the nomination to Shiro of Zenrax. In the election, he was re-elected to the Reichsversammlung and appointed to the Kârjasary ministry as Minister of Commerce.

Randouler then became an active bill-writing member of the Reichsversammlung and seen as a more active member and leader in the party and nation. Most of the bills wrote were to maintain the culture of Abelden through making new holidays for the empire. He first wrote the Bob Ross Day Bill with Artemis Langford to commemorate the life of Bob Ross. In March 2019 Randouler ran for Vorsitzender again but seen as the main candidate for Die Rechte but still not likely to win. He based his campaign on his strong suit of culture with states rights, locating Abelden, economics, and stopping inactivity.[2] He maintained an extensive website about his campaign which featured many videos explaining his ideas and a shop, which has never been before in Abelden. During the election, he received 49% of the vote losing to Liberty Front candidate Edward Daniels by one vote.

While he did lose he was still a member of the Reichsversammlung and was appointed to the Central Committee of Die Rechte. He proposed bills for more holidays in Abelden and joined the Daniels ministry as the Generalmememarschall. He continued writing bills in the Reichsversammlung and became an active component in the Kabinett. Most notably he wrote the Oktoberfest Celebration Act for the German and meme culture the nation has. Randouler continued staying active in the Discord often talking with citizens and partaking in government meetings. He won his reelection in the Reichsversammlung in June later that year. In the September executive elections he became the Populares (used to be Die Rechte) candidate for Vorsitzender again. He lost the election against Daniels with fewer votes, but still placed second, as Abelden Social Ecology put up Austin Jaax as their candidate.

Randouler continued in the RVS and stayed Generalmememarschall into 2020. In January due to cabinet changes, Randouler lost his position as Generalmememrchall. He kept his role as Minister of Commerce however he resigned after finding our he was no longer was Minister of Culture. He continued to stay active in the Reichsversammlung after resigning and voting for bills. In the March 2020 executive election in Abelden he ran for Stellvertreter. He won the race with 61.76% of the vote and later became Stellvertreter on 1 April 2020.

Grand Unified Micronational

Randouler was the primary delegate for Posaf since Posaf was previously accepted as a provisional member on 14 March 2018. On 11 January 2020, Randouler was voted in as the Secretariat for Diplomacy and Recruitment. On 15 April, Randouler used his position to formally launch the GUM Sister Cities Program. Randouler previously served as Secretariat for Diplomacy and Recruitment through 10 February to 7 July 2019. He also served as Secretariat for Micronational Development at the end of 2019.

Randouler ran unsuccessfully in the December 2018 Chair election against Adam I, Emperor of Adammia. Randouler received 36.8%, or 7 nations, which is the highest percentage of a runner up since Joseph Kennedy in 2014.

The GUM Sister Cities Program was founded with the idea of relating cities of member states together to improve relations between nations just like their macronational counterparts. In all, 10 cities were submitted for the project by all 7 Participant nations. On 15 April 2020 Randouler released the GUM Sister City Program website to the member states of the GUM entitling what the program desires to accomplish. The project was, and is still considered to be highly successful, and is one of his most notable works in the GUM.

Micronational Olympic Federation




Nicholas Randouler's Reforming Aenderia Act served as the constitution during this time.

Randouler joined Aenderia during the first Aenderian crisis and applied for citizenship on 21 October 2018. Randouler then founded the Aenderia Reform bloc, which often argued wit the Centrist government to help close the divide between Russell Gilzem and Aenderia. The party also favoured relations with the Kingdom of Auvenum whilst the Centrist chose to have little to no contact with Auvenum, favouring "professionalism through ignorance". Later, Randouler and his party withdrew from the stance on Auvenum relations as Gilzem defaced the Aenderese flag and replaced the sun on the flag with a swastika, causing mass controversy in Aenderia and ending any attempt at relations with Auvenum. Randouler also wrote the Reforming Aenderia Act with William Efton, Andy Eftin, and Haeden Eden, which served as the constitution during Lycon's first term. However, due to the rise of newer parties within Aenderia, including the Social Democratic Party Coalition (or SDPA) led by Chau Khang and Milaw Oakforrest, as well as an enemy of Randouler at the time, Jay Clover being voted into office, Randouler decided to resign from Aenderia stating:

"I'm resigning from all my posts here and just going to be a citizen, Y'all take this as a joke honestly I know you're going to say sh*t to each other but I've tried helping the place and Y'all just make us look worse. Gg by."

— Nicholas Randouler, 2018

He would later retract this statement for its informal and foul language. This caused Austin Jaax to leave the Reform Bloc and to join the LPU, inciting an argument between Randouler, Jaax, and Nicolás Millán, the then leader of the LPU. Nicolás Millán criticized the Bloc for barley backing its politicians, the Centrists were doing the reform of Aenderia instead of the ARB, as well as the bloc losing its true meaning. Randouler disagreed and privately messaged Millán. LPU would later merge with the SDPA. When Randouler resigned, other politicians also resigned from Aenderia, including longtime member Vice President William Efton. This was beneficial for the SDPA-LPU, gaining support and traction and holding 83% of seats within the House of Electors. Lycon also decided to not take his second term, and to give it to Oakforrest. The only member left in the Aenderian Reform Bloc was Alperen Kadim Gazi.

After Oakforrest gave the presidency to Clover, Clover then democratically changed the country into a socialist dictatorship, receiving large amounts of infamy from the people of Aenderia. Stressed from the outage, Clover was pressured by the people to give the office of President to Nicholas Randouler. Randouler then suspended the government temporarily to write a new constitution. He promised to return to normal democracy but in the following days, he seemed resentful to bring the old ways back. Efton did propose a constitution, however, Randouler opposed it and threatened legal action to whoever signed it, which was controversial. With falling approval ratings, he finally appointed a vice president, which was Milaw Oakforrest. Time passed but the government wasn't doing well. Oakforrest and Randouler had conflicts, with Oakforrest finding her role only honorary. With the combination of a crash in approval, Randouler dissolved the whole Aenderian government and quit Aenderian politics. In retaliation of the Milaw administration coming back, Randouler then founded Verus and moved to Auvenese politics.

Randouler rejoined on 23 February 2019, announcing that Posaf issued a travel warning on Aenderia due to Haeden Eden's actions and often criticizing Aenderia to Gilzem's pleasure. He later left and rejoined on 25 March 2019, again, trying to help Lycon's second administration. He would then leave and join back in April 2019 and would leave one month later. Randouler joined Aenderia again on 7 July 2019, after conflicts between him and Gilzen regarding the issue of Palestine, and also stating that he owed an apology to the 4th Republic. This apology was given on 31 December 2019.

...Similarly like Eden, it makes sense why the people didn’t trust a figure coming in trying to help everyone out. Some people had an automatic distaste towards me because of that. Nonetheless, I tried to lead a nation where I never understood the culture or the people. I tried changing ways assimilating them into my way and not seeing what was there and helping the citizens grow their nations by themselves in that sense. I disrespected the Aenderian culture and community through my actions trying to fix everything and please everyone, and dissolving the nation. I take responsibility.

— Randouler, 2019[3]

C/F Nicholas Randouler, SV Niantic, and the flags of the many nations which Nicholas served.

This apology was accepted by Jayden Lycon on behalf of the Aenderian Government.[4] Aenderia would also rejoin the Micronational Olympic Federation, an organization that Randouler founded. Randouler rejoined Aenderia once last time on 10 March 2020, planning to become a citizen again but not planning to run for any office soon. He also planned to make an Aenderia version of Nex Eiffexx. He was a strong proponent for Aenderia to leave the Cupertino Alliance but changed his stance a few months later and generally supported Aenderia and actively participated in Aenderian culture.

Randouler announced that Aenderia was going to host the 2020 MOF Rock Paper Scissors Tournament but tragically died during the first round. This news was received by the Aenderian government on 8 June 2020, nearing the final events of the game. It was then decided to redesignate the closing ceremony, planned for 9 June 2020, to be a tribute to Randouler's service.[5][6]


Randouler unsuccessfully ran for Novox in the 2020 Essexian general election, gaining a popular vote of 2 (1.3%), thus gaining no seat.


On 25 May 2020, Randouler suffered a seizure in his home and did not regain consciousness. He was admitted to the hospital, where he was later diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. On 3 June 2020, Randouler passed away.

His death caused an outpouring of grief in the MicroWiki community, particularly in the nations where he had been active, some of which have declared states of official mourning or have named parts of their territory after him. The GUM held a text-based vigil for him, whilst the MicroWiki Discord server was closed for several hours after some micronationalists were accused of being insensitive. Additionally, MicroRamble, a show Randouler co-hosted, dedicated a video to his memory and Executive Producer Charles Ross declared him a permanent honorary host. Further memorial services were also planned.

Personal political views

Randouler was a self-described classical liberal and right-wing libertarian.

Randouler's political compass result



  • Abeldane flag.jpg Viscount (16 December 2019)


Military honours

  • AendereseFlag.png Aenderian Ministry of Defense Medal of Honor (posthumously)

Former titles

  • Abeldane flag.jpg Baron (1 April 2019 – 16 December 2019; upgraded to Viscount)