New Reich Crisis

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New Reich Crisis
Date25 May 2018 - 27 May 2018
  • Removal of Citizenship for Adalard Schneider
  • Posaf Surpreme Court formation
  • The Reich Des Vaterlandes state
Posaf Neu Vaderlands State
Commanders and leaders

Posafian Leaders
Prince Henry II

Maria Lynnae

Independence Leader

Adalard Schnider
11 3

The New Reich Crisis is the name given to the independence movement and the court trials of Adalard Schneider, over the dispute of land in the State of Neu Vaderland.


The Neu Vaderland state joined Posaf in early 2018


May 25th

On the night of May 25, Adalard announced that Neu Vaderland was seceding from Posaf. The government did not like this. They felt he ought to find new land for his reich rather than take Neu Vaderland's borders. A dispute came about, and Nicholas Randouler, along with Autin Jaax, debated with Adalard that night.

May 26th

May 27th