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YAMO is an acronym for the phrase "Yet Another Micronational Organization," commonly used as a disparaging epithet for intermicronational organizations and international non-governmental organizations. The term, when applied to an organization, has multiple critical connotations, including serving no useful purpose, failing to perform an intended purpose, attempting to fill the role served by an already extant organization, being operated by inexperienced or incompetent leaders, and being unstable or short-lived.[1] The term has been in use since at least 1998.[2]

YAMO is a common phrase found in journalism covering the MicroWiki community.

Historical use

Micronational Commonwealth is one of organisations that were criticised by micronational community and have been called "YAMO."

There is no clear line between "YAMO" and a normal micronational organisation.


The use of YAMO has spawned several related, specific phrases which disparage the creation of projects which have failed in the past, usually by inexperienced micronationalists. Examples include:

  • YAMUN - Yet Another Micronational United Nations, in reference to the macronational United Nations, referring to IGOs which attempt to consolidate many micronations to dictate international law and norms. Particularly used in comparison against the Grand Unified Micronational, or historically the Organization of Active Micronations, but also with regards to these organizations.
  • YAM - Yet Another Micronation.
  • YAMA - Yet Another Micronational Association.
  • YAMSE - Yet Another Micronational Stock Exchange.
  • YAMTO - Yet Another Micronational Treaty Organization - Referring to defense compacts, alluding to the macronational North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  • YAM'D - Yet Another Micronational Discord - Coined by Jayden Lycon, it refers to the many micronational Discords and used comparison against MicroWiki@Discord.

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