Institute of Micropatriological Research

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Institute of Micropatriological Research
Formation21 June 2022 (official)
FounderZabëlle Skye
Founded atLondon, United Kingdom
  • International
ProductsMicronational Internet Hall of Fame
Micronational Dictionary
Journal of Intermicronational History
Official language
OwnerZabëlle Skye

The Institute of Micropatriological Research (IMR), formerly the Institute for the Research and Preservation of Intermicronational History (IRPIH), is a UK-headquartered and international-based research institute dedicated to the study and documentation of intermicronational history. Conceived by Zabëlle Skye in January 2021 and formally founded on 21 June 2022, the institute is primarily concerned with the study of micronationalism on the Internet.

The IMR publishes the annual Micronational Internet Hall of Fame and will publish the upcoming Journal of Intermicronational History. On 24 August 2022, the IRPIH bought the micronational publishing house MicroLunarius Publications. On 6 September, the IMR launched Microtionary, a dictionary for micronational jargon. On 8 September, the IMR adopted its current name. On 18 October, the Micronational Dictionary was published, with its most recent version on January 4th 2023.

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