Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations

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Secretary-General of the OAM
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Logo of the OAM

Current Secretary-General Position defunct
Since 29 December 2011
Term length Four months, three consecutive terms maximum

The Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations was the highest officer in the organisation, responsible for the administration of the Organisation and its organs. Elections were held every four months, with each member nation entitled to cast one vote each. Voting was not compulsory.

The Secretary-General was only able to be elected to the position for no more than three consecutive terms.

Secretary-General timeline

Number Picture Name Nation Term start Term end Remarks
Gordon Freeman MGPRA1 30 Oct 2009 15 Mar 2010 Served one full term as Secretary-General, but announced early elections in March 2010 due to domestic issues, and did not run in the March 2010 OAM Election. Was the founder of the Organisation, responsible for the creation of the forum and website and the early large membership base.
Petya d'Égtavie Egtavia 29 Dec 2009 9 Jan 2010 Temporarily appointed Acting Secretary-General during Gordon Freeman's first term.
2nd MeehanOpLantern.png Marka Mejakhansk Nemkhavia 15 Mar 2010 27 Apr 2010 First Secretary-General to resign, did so after a period of inactivity due to non-micronational commitments.
Gordon Freeman MGPRA1 27 Apr 2010 16 May 2010 Temporarily in power until the results of the May 2010 Election were announced.
Petya d'Égtavie Egtavia 16 May 2010 29 Jun 2010 May–June OAM Reform Report proposed during this term. Resigned when Egtavia along with another four micronations withdrew from the organisation on 29 June.
Gordon Freeman MGPRA1 29 Jun 2010 7 Nov 2010 Took power for a third time following Petya d'Égtavie's resignation in his capacity as Vice Secretary-General. Was Acting Secretary-General from 29 June to 15 July, being elected in the July 2010 OAM Election.
National Flag of Rukora.jpg
Tom Turner Rukora 7 Nov 2010 25 Apr 2011 Took power when elected in the November 2010 OAM Election and was re-elected for a second term in the March 2011 OAM Election. Aldrich Lucas installed as Acting Secretary-General until subsequent elections held.
Aldrich Lucas Yabloko 25 Apr 2011 15 May 2011 Temporarily in power until the results of the May 2011 Election were announced.
Gordon Freeman FRA1 15 May 2011 8 Sep 2011 Took power for a fourth time following the May 2011 OAM Election. Presided over a period of controversy, with a great lack of trust arising in the OAM and his position within it - survived a motion of no confidence by a single vote, with twelve micronations leaving the organisation in protest at his continued leadership.
Principality of Rathunis
Milo Holland Rathunis 8 Sep 2011 29 Nov 2011 Elected September 2011. Resigned November 2011 following announcment of Rathunis' intention to withdraw from the organisation.
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Håkon Lindström Zealandia 29 Nov 2011 De jure:
29 Dec 2011

De facto: 22 Dec 2011
Assumed role in acting capacity follwing resignation of Milo Holland. Resigned the following month, but was forced to remain legally in office due to the absence of a replacement until the OAM was disestablished a week later.