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Type of site
Usenet newsgroup
Available inPrimarily English
Launched15 June 1997
Current statusActive

alt.politics.micronations is a public,[1] unmoderated Usenet newsgroup in the alt.* hierarchy dedicated to the discussion of micronationalism and micropatriology.[2][3] Created on 15 June 1997, it harboured much micronational discussion, including the sharing of micronational news, intermicronational ideas, and projects such as Micronations on the Web.[4] It was generally used as a secondary discussion forum to the more popular micronational communities on GeoCities. As of 2022, the newsgroup had over 1,118 discussions. After peaking in 1999, activity began to gradually decline before reaching an all-time low in early 2008. The newsgroup has since been subject to spamboting. The Gay Parallel Republic (GPR) was a ubiquitous micronation on the newsgroup. It was also used on occasion by Cesidio Tallini.

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