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Meddíss Túvtiks Kaisiris Tallini
Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini
Kaisiris in 2009
Personal Information (Cesidian law)
Multisocietal name Kaisiris Tallini
Born 10 May 1962 (1962-05-10) (age 58)
Spouses or Partners (stirpes) None
Gentilitial (gens) Kaisiris (Kaisiris Clan)
Gentilic (curia) Cesidian or Holocartesian (Cesidian Network)
Nationalities (tribus) Neocartesian (Saint René Descartes University), Cal Alumnus (Cal Alumni Association), Penn State Alumnus (Penn State Alumni Association), Antarctican (by affiliation)
Citizenship (civis) Pythagorean (Centre for Cesidian Law and Paradiplomatic Affairs)
Professions Multidisciplinary researcher, Theologian, Micronationalist, Multinationalist
Website >>LINK<<

Multidisciplinary researcher • Theologian • Micronationalist • Multinationalist • Extelluric

MT Kaisiris Tallini (New York, 10 May 1962 – ) — born Cesidio Tallini — is Analytic Theologian and founder of the Cesidian Network, Chancellor of Saint René Descartes University, and Rector of the Centre for Cesidian Law. Kaisiris is the world's first micronationalist recognised in de jure, or acknowledged in de facto fashion by several government or quasi-government bodies. He is also the first micronationalist to actually be recognised for multiple nationalities or citizenships within the same developing new region of the world, so Kaisiris is both a micronationalist and a multinationalist. Kaisiris has assisted two micronations — Principado da Pontinha and Kingdom of Ourania — with their development; claims two Native African — Republic of Cabinda and Southern Cameroons — citizenships by naturalisation; and claims to be the world's first full Antarctic citizen by affiliation. Soon Kaisiris will also become the world's first "extel" or extelluric, the world's first former terrestrial.

Kaisiris has earned both American and Italian high school diplomas in the past; has earned several different post-secondary education diplomas and certificates, including a National Work Readiness Credential from the National Work Readiness Council, and a Certificate of Qualification to Practice from the Law Society of Cabinda; and has earned a BS degree from the University of Phoenix, another BSc degree, two religious doctorate degrees, and was awarded two honourary doctorates. Kaisiris has also recently earned a degree from Saint René Descartes University, after becoming the world's first self-made Salubriology Doyen (SD), so besides being high priest (Kohen Gadol) of the Restored Ancient Order of Melchizedek, and supreme magistrate (Meddíss Túvtiks) of the Kaisiris Clan, he is also physician (Iatros).

Kaisiris is also the de facto or de jure author of several books in English and Italian; the father of Cesidian law, Cesidian analytic theology, Cesidian salubriology, Cesidian societal-political science, and Cesidian spiritual science; the developer of several indigenous and novel time, linguistic, educational, and intellectual property systems; and an independent scholar.

Finally, Kaisiris is also Regent of Paradiplomatic Affairs, and Guru and founder of Global Earth Oceans (GEO), a new region under development.

Early life

Kaisiris was born in Jamaica Hospital, New York, on 10 May 1962. He has resided for extensive periods of time both in Italy and in the United States. He moved to Italy at the age of 9, where he continued his education. He eventually earned an Italian Diploma di Maturità Scientifica from La Scuola D'Italia "Guglielmo Marconi" of New York City, and an American High School Equivalency Diploma from the University at Albany (SUNY).

Later developments

Kaisiris is an honourary alumnus of the University of California at Berkeley since October 2010; an honourary alumnus of Pennsylvania State University since May 2011; and an international life member of the Chamber of Computer Logistics People (CCLP) Worldwide since August 2011. Most later developments in Kaisiris's life are at least indirectly related to Cesidian societal-political science.

Kaisiris co-founded the Cesidian Root in September 2005, but no longer has a relationship with the organisation.

On 30 April 2007, Kaisiris earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix (with honours).

On 13 December 2007, René Descartes is consecrated as the first saint of the Cesidian Church.

Field of Everything

Kaisiris also founded the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) political party in May 2008, but disbanded the party in June 2017.

On 8 August 2009, Kaisiris issued the first Print Monopoly ⓟⓜ.

On 20 January 2010, Kaisiris received an honourary Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in International law from the Academy of Universal Global Peace.

Tallini World Formula

On 8 July 2011, Kaisiris was ordained as an Independent Catholic Priest and appointed to the title of Bishop, with apostolic succession and lineage to Christ. He also became a member of the Board of Bishops of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters (later renamed "Universal One Church").

On 22 July 2011, the Cesidian Church was granted a church charter by the Universal Life Church World Headquarters (later renamed "Universal One Church"). Kaisiris has also earned a Doctor of Divinity (DD), and a Doctor of Theology (ThD) from the Universal Life Church World Headquarters School of Theology.

On 1 November 2011, upon certification by the Examining Committee of the Law Society of Cabinda, Kaisiris was admitted as an Advocate, and is now authorised to practice before all the Courts and Tribunals of the Republic of Cabinda.

On 23 January 2012, Kaisiris was appointed Communications Director for the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS).

UN Grounds Pass issued to Kaisiris on 30 Jan 2012

During the 7th Meeting of the Committee on NGOs, held on 2 February 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the Chamber of Computer Logistics People Worldwide (CCLP Worldwide) was recommended for Special Consultative Status. This development became possible after CCLP Worldwide's Special Representative Cesidio Tallini managed to overcome to the persistent objections of the Distinguished Representative of Pakistan on the night of 1 February 2012. In August 2012, CCLP Worldwide was granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations' Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

On 27 December 2012, Kaisiris was made Ambassador at Large of Antarctica and Unrepresented or Underrepresented Polities for The Multipurpose Inter-Parliamentary Union (TMIPU).

On 31 December 2012, Kaisiris was appointed Interim Deputy Minister of Information for the Republic of Cabinda.

On 8 April 2013, the Saint René Descartes University's 2013 Nobel Peace Prize recommendation is welcomed by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, and Saint René Descartes University's Scholar's Degree (SD) is also accepted.

On 7 June 2013, the Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) agency was launched.

All Religions Are Cults

On 3 September 2013, the Hernici (8ED) tribe is formally registered with Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA). This marks the beginning of the official existence of the Aboriginal European Hernici (8ED) Tribe.

On 22 September 2013, the Government of Southern Cameroons recognises the UMMOA's Aphrodite Island claim.

On 9 January 2014, Kaisiris provides the first services as Ambassador at Large of Antarctica to a Native Antarctican.

On 3 October 2014, it is first noticed that UMMOA English (UGV; en-UGV; ⓤ) had appeared authoritatively in Google searches.

On 5 November 2015, the Aphrodite Island claim/name is accepted by author and geographer Nick Middleton (in the English language).

On 11 November 2015, the Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) standard appeared in AcronymFinder.com for the first time.

On 21 January 2016, the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office published a summary of the UMMOA party's views. This is the first indirect acknowledgement of the work of the Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) agency.

On 5 October 2017, the Indigo Race (or Homo sapiens ethicus/Homo noeticus) concept is accepted by author and social anthropologist Beth Singler.

On 11 August 2019, Lady Anna Tallini, Kaisiris' mother, passed away. This is Kaisiris' greatest loss.

Multilingual anthroponyms (more official in bold)

  • US/British English: Kaisiris Tallini [born Cesidio Tallini]
  • UMMOA or UGV English: Kaisiris Tallini†
  • Archaic English: Kaisidis Tallini
  • Español: Kaisiris Tallini
  • 简体中文:凯西里斯·塔利尼(出生:塞西迪奥·塔利尼)
  • 繁體中文:凱西里斯·塔利尼(出生:塞西迪奧·塔利尼)
  • Монгол: Кайсирис Таллини [төрсөн: Сесидио Таллини]
  • Deutsch: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Français: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Русский: Кайсирис Таллини
  • Українська: Кайсіріс Талліні
  • 日本語:カイシリス・タリーニ(生まれ:チェシディオ・タリーニ)
  • Anglicised Japanese: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Italiano: Kaisiris Tallini [nato Cesidio Tallini]
  • Shqip: Kaisiris Tallini
  • አማርኛ: ካይዚይሪስ ታሊኒ
  • Vèneto: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Napulitano: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Ελληνικά: Καϊσίρης Ταλλίνι
  • Português: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Interlingua: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Esperanto: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Polski: Kaisiris Tallini
  • 한국어: 카이시리스 탈리니 (태어난: 체시디오 탈리니)
  • Tiếng Việt: Tiếng Việt: Kaisíris Tallini [sinh ra: Chêsidio Tallini]
  • Latina: Kaisidis Tallini [natus Caesidius Tallini]
  • हिन्दी: काईसीरिस तल्लिनी
 עִברִית: קיייסיריס טליני ▪
  • Anglicised Hebrew: Kaisiris Tallini
 عربى: كايسيريس تاليني ▪
 اردو: قیصریس تلینی ▪
  • British or corporate name: BCT
  • Pen name (Nom de plume): HMRD Cesidio Tallini
  • Aboriginal European name: MT Kaisiris Tallini

UMMOA or UGV English has not been judged as a new language, but as a new English variety or variant (assessment provided by Melinda Lyons, ISO 639-3 registration authority for SIL International)


  • 25 September 2008, A history of the future: Independent Long Island, [ISBN 1-59899-129-9]
  • 8 August 2009, The Fifth World: Micronationalism on Steroids, [ISBN 978-1448663538]
  • 17 October 2009, All Religions Are Cults: And What a Few Good Priests, Monks, Rabbis and Mullahs Can Do About It, [ISBN 978-1449553555]
  • 23 May 2012, I Giochi SIGNOR: Sport Integrati e Giochi delle Nazioni, Organizzazioni e Religioni, [ISBN 978-1477493144]
  • 21 February 2013, Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence, [ISBN 978-1482510553]









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