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The Fifth World Community (5WC) today is an ectogeographic concept, and ectogeographic means outside of geography.

It is treated like any inhabited locality or populated place (or hamlet, village, town, city, or megacity), but it is truly outside of geography, since it is also an ectopolitan concept, or outside of Aristotelian politics.

The Fifth World Community is a registered Cesidian law jurisdiction. Cesidian law jurisdictions have three fundamental characteristics:

  1. They follow liberating Cesidian law as a common law norm;
  2. They observe Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) or Cyberterra Meridian Time as a time standard and time format, even when they also follow the Fifth World Community time standard;
  3. They allow Paradiplomatic Affairs (PdA) professionals to practice within their households or buildings.

The Fifth World Community is one of only two Cesidian law jurisdictions on the planet. The other Cesidian law jurisdiction is Cyberterra at exactly 43°0'0" North, and 15°0'0" East in the Adriatic Sea. Currently the Fifth World Community is located at 40°44'45.8" North, and 73°42'22.71" West on the East Coast of the United States.

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