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Houston sector
Houston flag.svg
General information
LocatedHouston, Texas
Sector founded2014
Notable people in areaHenry Clémens
Brandon Wu
John Churchill
Newton von Uberquie
Tarik Kârjasary

The Houston sector is the term used to refer to the sector of micronations in and around the greater area of Houston, Texas. While micronations existed in the area before 2014, the region didn't grow into its present state and community until the founding of the Federated States of America in August 2014, the date generally considered to be representative of the sector's formation.

While coined as early as January 2017, the term "Houston sector" didn't go into wide circulation until a year later, when the Essian Commonwealth began using the term in legal documents instead of the previously-used Clementine sector, in an effort to show equal appreciation to all of the sector's contributors over the years.

Previously used to solely refer to the micronations and micronationalists originating from the Federated States, the term has since been expanded to refer to any micronations in Houston's greater metropolitan area.



Until 2014: Pre-Federated States

2014–2015: Rise and fall of the Federated States

2016–2017: Instability and Essian rise to dominance

2018–present: Essian departure and the new wave

Notable micronations

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