Esse (colony)

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Domain of Esse
Colony of  Mercia


Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Nunquam quietus (Latin)
Anthem: Persian March
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Essian, Mercian
GovernmentColonial Viceroyalty
• Lords
Lord Temporal Karl
His Lordship Richard I
• Patrician-Viceroy
Henry Clément
LegislatureMercian Parliament House
Establishment28 August 2016
• Census
Time zoneUCT-6:00

Esse, also known as the Domain of Esse, was a Mercian colony established on the 28 August by the 28th of August Esse Concession Bill. Esse was originally founded as an independent nation by Henry Twain in June 2015 as a predecessor to the Atlantic Commonwealth. However, in August 2016, Esse was made into a new colony of Mercia, and in accordance with the treaty signed, Esse forfeited its sovereignty completely.

The colony came to an end nearly one year after its creation on 21 August 2017, when the colony was annexed by the once-again independent Essian Commonwealth.


Esse, pronounced "ehs", is derived from the German word Esse, which can be roughly translated to forge, chimney, or hearth. It was officially adopted as the countries name on May 30, 2015, and was first seen officially on the rough draft of the Instrument of Government written June 5, 2015.


Commonwealth of Esse

The Commonwealth of Esse was originally founded by the members of the Sovereign Military Order of Esse, an organization created for the sole purpose of establishing a new micronation. This project began around May 28, 2015. By June 1 of that same year, the Commonwealth of Esse had been founded as a semi-secessionist state. On June 5, Grand Master Edwyn Weishaupt of the Military Order was elected to the office of Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of Esse. This has since been determined as the standard, and to this day the Sovereign Military Order of Esse exists alongside the modern Essian State.

Strict regulations on citizenship and immigration were enforced following the passing of the policy around June 24, 2015. A declaration of Independence was not made, and it was stated there to be no intention for a declaration of independence. By June 28, 2015, it was discovered there to be confusion behind the name "commonwealth." There was confusion on why it was called that, some asking if Esse was attempting to become a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, of which they responded no, however, to avoid any confusion, Lord Protector Weishaupt passed a decree "Declaring the State formerly known as the Commonwealth of Esse to henceforth be referred to as the People's Democratic Republic of Esse."

Mercian colony

The Commonwealth of Esse was officially colonized by Mercia on 28 August 2016 with the passage of the 28th of August Treaty of Esse Concession Bill. Upon the bill taking effect, Esse was renamed the Dominion of Esse. Additionally, the government of Esse was replaced with a Viceroy and the Mercian Parliament House. Henry Twain, founder of Esse, was made Viceroy of the new colony.


As a colony of Mercia, Esse was governed by a Viceroy who also, in accordance with the 28th of August Treaty of Esse Concession Bill, served as the representative of the Essian people in the Mercian Parliament House.