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A May 2020 poster produced by Messenger.
Categories News, culture, and opinion magazine
Frequency Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly
Format Online/Magazine
Country Esse
Distributed to
Owner Essian Historical Society
Founded February 2017
Dissolved February 2021
Political alignment Essian minority
Motto A união faz a força

Messenger was a micronational news and culture website established in February 2017 as a regularly-published magazine within the Essian Commonwealth. When originally published both as an Essian magazine and online news site, it was published internationally as the Essian Messenger. Following Esse's disestablishment in March 2018, Messenger saw its ownership converted from Sandwich Corps to the Essian Historical Society.

In March 2020, the website shed the "Essian" label from its title, and published as simply In February 2021, the site was archived, and the greater Messenger Corporation was permanently disestablished.


In February 2017, following the Essian Declaration of Restoration, the Messenger was founded as a periodically published magazine, syndicated an online news site, published intermicronationally as Essian Messenger. While primarily reporting on Essian politics, the magazine portion of Messenger developed into a major aspect of Essian cultural development.

Following its second anniversary edition in June 2017, Messenger stopped publishing its magazine version and devoted itself solely to its online website, which continued as a respected, accredited media source up until Essian dismemberment in March 2018.

Two years after it stopped actively publishing, the Messenger returned as simply Messenger, or, and began actively publishing new content in 2020. Several of its articles - particularly opinion pieces - received high acclaim for their quality, including a defense of the Grand Unified Micronational that also saw the coining of the term "contraGUMism."

Messenger's staff was expanded to include more writers, and its brand was expanded into a greater Messenger Corporation, though despite its acclaim, the site published what became its final article in October 2020. In February 2021, the corporation - a staple of Essian culture - announced that it would be permanently disbanding.

Micronational Awards

Beginning in late November 2017, the Messenger began running a 'micronational awards' event, deeming itself the successor to the since-defunct RadioMicro Awards. The awards were started by Henry Clément, who had been preparing to establish them for several months. Mainly MicroWiki-centric, the awards acted as the beginning of the Messenger's expansion into other forms of entertainment and services in the MicroWiki community. The awards were originally planned to be carried out annually, but the 2018 awards never came to fruition due to Esse's disestablishment.


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