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Messenger yay.png
The May/June 2017 issue of the Messenger
Categories News, culture, and opinion magazine
Frequency Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly
Format Online/Magazine
Country Esse
Distributed to
Owner Sandwich Corps
Founded February 2017
Political alignment Essian Monarchy
Motto Freedom by the word

The Messenger (Stylized as MESSENGER) and published internationally as the Essian Messenger, is an Essian news and culture magazine established in February 2017 and bought out by the Amoena Simphonia in March 2017. It is published on no set schedule, however in the past has been released weekly and monthly. In July 2017, The Messenger was purchased by Sandwich Corps, as was the Amoena Simphonia. Since its creation, four editions have been released, in their entirety written by Henry Clément, present Lord of the Essian Commonwealth.

The Messenger is more well known and positively received from its active online news site, published under, which has been operated consistently since March 2017 and draws its roots from such early digital newspapers as the Quetico Street Journal.

The Messenger's Micronational Awards

Beginning in late November 2017, the Messenger began running a 'micronational awards' event, deeming itself the successor to the since-defunct RadioMicro Awards. The awards were started by Henry Clément, who had been preparing to establish them for several months. Mainly MicroWiki-centric, the awards acted as the beginning of the Messenger's expansion into other forms of entertainment and services in the MicroWiki community. The awards are planned to be distributed annually.


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