Green Party of Esse

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Green Party
Graeca Partite a Essia
LeaderJames Reginald Frisch
Secretary-GeneralNewton von Uberquie
HeaministerJames Reginald Frisch
SpokespersonStephen Freayth
Founded12 June 2017
Student wingGreen Students
Youth wingGreen Youth
Membership (2017)3
Seats in Parliament
3 / 10

The Green Party of the Essian Commonwealth (Essian: Graeca Partite a Essia), domestically referred to simply as the Greens, was a centrist political party in the Essian Commonwealth founded as the successor to the Federalie Partite a Essia upon its fold on 12 June 2017. Founded by Heaminister James Reginald Frisch, the party gave birth to the third party system in the Essian Commonwealth, spelling the death of all three of the second system's parties. This being said, the Green Party was at one point the oldest existing political party in the Essian Commonwealth.



[[File:Bercow.JPG|200px|thumb|left|James Reginald Frisch, founder of the Green Party.] The Federalist Party of the Essian Commonwealth was established in April 2017 by Horatio Eden as a single-issue party wishing to remove the Constitutional authority of the Courts to grand political autonomy to subdivisions. This was caused in large part by the failure of the Beiwing court decision to bear a passage nearly one month before the party's establishment. Several weeks after the establishment of the party, Heaminister James Frisch joined. After several months, however, the party grew inactive.

As the June 2017 elections continued, the Federalist poll numbers dropped, hitting an all-time low of zero percent on June 11. Frisch announced he would be dissolving the party, and immediately after founded the Green Party.

Rise to power

The Green Party released a manifesto in the week leading up to the election and it was well received, further boosting the party's opinion poll numbers as it became evident that the party was now the dominant party in the Commonwealth. Lord Henry contacted the Greens and began discussing scenarios following the election, including suggesting that the party could potentially establish a majority government.

Voting stations were opened behind schedule, around mid-day on 22 June, and remained open for ten hours. Turnout was at an all-time low - only barely breaching 50 percent - and the Greens had won a 55 percent majority.

Following the electoral victory, James Reginald Frisch established the Second Frisch Term, a Green-majority government with the Democrats in a small, highly inactive opposition.

List of leaders

# Leader Home state Took office Left office Heaminister
1 James Reginald Frisch Beiwing 12 June
2 November
Frisch (I) • (II)
143 days
2 Newton von Uberquie
New Halyards 2 November
16 March
Henry (HM)
134 days Kârjasary (I)

Electoral performance


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref)
2017 James Reginald Frisch   6 67%
2018 Ava Neasa   3 37.5%


Election year 1st pref votes % seats won +/- Government
2017 5 56%
6 / 10
3 majority gov't
2018 3 37.5%
2 / 8
4 In opposition